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[music playing] dan edmunds: so this is thehonda ridgeline, which has been around for about 10 years. but they didn’t redesignit for the longest time. and this is the new one. it came out just this last year. and the thing aboutthe ridgeline, different from allother pickup trucks, is it’s based on acrossover platform.

the honda pilot platform. to be precise. if you look inside, everythinghere looks just like a pilot, except for what’sbehind these seats. that does a lot of thingsthat make this really an interesting truck. i mean, it’s really quiet,and it’s really smooth because it’s not abody-on-frame pickup. it’s more like a crossover.

and you couldn’t tell reallythat you were in a pickup truck from where i’m sittinguntil you look in the back. it’s actually quitea great concept for those who don’t reallyplan to go off road much, although we’ve proven that youcan do dirt roads just fine. but it still has a decentamount of cargo capacity. in fact, this truck is hasa higher payload rating than the tacoma double cabthat we have in our fleet. and it has a longerbed by an inch or so.

and it’s a wider bed, as well. and the fendersthat usually make it necessary to put a pieceof plywood in cockeyed, are far enough apartthat you can put a 4 by 8 sheet of plywood flaton the floor of the bed. so this is actually a prettydecent truck up until the point you want to go boulderhopping in moab. you know, you can’t do thatbecause the clearance just isn’t there.

the ridgeline, asyou have heard, is a crossover car-based truck. so it has independentsuspension on all four corners. it doesn’t have asolid axle on the back. and it also has a unit body,instead of just a ladder frame with the body sitting on top. it’s a little bit moreintegrated than that. and that allows it tosit a little lower it and also makes thewhole thing more robust

when it comes to nvh,which is noise, vibration, and harshness. and so– you know, i’m onthis nice winding road here, it’s coarse asphalt,so we’re hearing a little bit of road noise. but really it’s prettymuted considering the surface we’re on. and the car-like ride thatcomes from the crossover chassis is no joke.

it goes straight downthe road, it steers nice, i’m not sitting up high. so when the bodyrolls in corners, i don’t feel like i’msitting way up high, i’m sitting a lot lower. it just feels a lotnicer to drive in it. it’s a bonus. the ridgeline has a reallynice comfortable interior, and it’s attractive.

it doesn’t look likea truck interior because it’s kind of ahonda pilot interior. but what’s nice about thatis there’s a lot of storage. i mean, there’sa big thing here. i’ve got a bunch of beefjerky and stuff in here now. i can’t get it back in. a couple of big cupholders of slot here that our phone will fit in. another one here.

the door pocketsare like two levels and there’s a place for a bottleup front and stuff back here. and i’m using it all. and it’s just really,really convenient. i don’t really putsunglasses here but there’s a mirrorin that position that allows parents to see theirkids in their car seats. so that’s kind of neat. and sunroof controlis right here.

the visors extendfor those times when the sun comes in from theside, which for me is a lot. although it’s coming fromthe other side right now. don’t need it. and the steering wheel hasquite a bit of telescopic range. for somebody my size, ipull it all the way back, which might becounter-intuitive. but that allows meto put my seat back, get lots of leg room.

yeah, i reallylike driving this. it’s really quite pleasant. this ridgeline has a tirepressure monitoring system, as all cars do now. as of 2007 it’sbeen a requirement. but the requirement,the minimum requirement, is just the warninglight that just tells you you have a low tire, it doesn’ttell you which tire is low, but it tells youyou have a low tire.

this system liststhe tire pressure. i can look at it rightnow on the screen. 35, 37, 36, 37. the 37s are in the sun, the35 and 36 are in the shade. that’s kind ofnormal to see that. if i drove the otherway, they might reverse. but yes. so there are sensorsin the tires that are measuring the pressureand communicating with sensors

in each fender well. that’s how it knows whichsensor is at which position. and then the computerjust displays them here. and if one of them gets below25% of the set pressure, and that’s 35 psi iswhat it’s supposed to be. so you can do the math. 27 or 28. i don’t know. if it gets down that low,i’ll get a low tire warning.

and this one will tellme which tire is low and what that pressureis, which is great. it’s a lot better than awarning light that just says, you’ve got a low tire. just one. one of the things i likeabout the new ridgeline is apple carplay and android autoare built into the head unit. those are really neat. it’s so seamless.

the interface thateverybody has kind of memorized when itcomes to their phones is basically mimicked here. the problem wehave with that is, you think it would be greatbecause i could use google maps or apple maps ifyou like that, but i don’t know anybody who does. but you think youcould use that. but there’s a problem.

and the problem is we’rein death valley right now. we’ve got no signal. and if we’ve got nosignal we’ve got no data, and if we’ve got nodata, we’ve got no maps. so we can’t use the map functionin carplay and android auto. and that presentsa problem if i’m trying to use thenav system on this and listen to music onmy iphone using carplay, it doesn’t likethe fact that i’m

trying to use bothworlds at the same time. it wants me to be in oneenvironment or the other, but not one for music anda different one for nav. and i think that’skind of a problem that needs to be addressed. but other than that, you know– i mean, how many timesare you in a place where there’s no signal? not too often.

but still, i dolike to go outdoors. and it happensquite a bit for me. this ridgelines ridgeline sharesa lot with the honda pilot. which is good and bad. i mean, it’s greatinterior, it’s comfortable seats, drivingposition, lots of room, all of that is excellent. quiet. but it also has this stereo headunit that’s pretty annoying.

it doesn’t have a volume knob,and the little buttons here that you have to push to switchbetween modes are really small. and if you’re moving around likei am now, as we’re driving down the road, you might miss the oneyou want, hit a different one. honda’s fixing that innewer cars, like the crv, they’ve added a volume knob. but the problem with the smalltargets for the touch screen still exists. and it could be better butthat’s really one of my biggest

beefs with the car. and if that’s thebiggest beef, i think i couldprobably live with it. if you want to learn moreabout the honda ridgeline, or any of the vehicles inour long-term test fleet, just click below orcheck out more videos on the edmunds youtube channel.

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