Mercedes Gla 250 Review

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mercedes-benz concept a-class it’s now the first year after 125 years of earth with automobile by mercedes-benz one major hilight at this main stand of m-b pavillion in 33rdbims is: the a-class, but this is a concept study vehicle version this one just from latest time of geneva motor show unlike 2 previous generations of a-class, this latest one emerged out with a lot more responsibilities inside and out grown up from sleek urban mover to become small zest hatch from top to bottom is full of details more than ever low rooflines

unique window aperture design expressive presence shoulders, also designed to make wider rear wheelbase impressive crisp dynamic lines at both side sections combined both positive and negative surfaces "free-form", but not let that pointless front side certainly sportiness big-bang fascia in low position, designed to be "molten jewelry effect" look aggressive led headlamps interior for 4, with advanced systems of: communication, navigation, multimedia

not too dark, panoramic sunroof helped and all conformed as 1, also combined with the excellence blueefficiency philosophy total appearance of it makes it looked like a car that sits on the road for its own way of road-tread unlike any other advanced design of this concept a-class applied by: mr. mark fetherston (and his team) he’s its chief designer and the sales of real production version in europe will commence by this september 3rd-gen a-class destined to bear codename w176 and next year at this pavillion of m-b, we would see this as real production version with price tag

along with 6th generation sl (r231) and that’s truly another "best or nothing" invention of the mercedes-benz brand

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