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i’m well aware that football is played everywhere,from dirt patches, to abandoned lots, to often being played just in the streets. but i neverreally saw the game as being very “street.” freestyle street soccer attempts to take thebeautiful game and add a little more edge than you would normally associate with it. the game takes place where all major argumentsare handled, in the streets. from playground blacktops to empty parking lots. whereverthe game can be played, it is. goals are sometimes made from the environment, like open garagedoors and holes in the wall. the gameplay is fast and with a lot of style. you don’twant to just beat your opponent, but to also embarrass them with mad tricks and reallyfancy footwork. the controls for the game

are simple and effective, allowing you tolook like maradona with ease. the gameplay is easy to pick up and play.the pitch is completely enclosed, allowing for some cool tricks off the wall. it allboils down to a simple mix of passing and shooting. doing little chips and one-twosto help move past the defenders and give open shots. but the game also wants style, andwhen enough style is earned, an area opens up that leads to an unstoppable shot thatalso leaves your opponent in awe. it is 4on4 football, with one player beingthe keeper. you select from the multiple different teams, all of them coming with a high levelof, what the kids these days call, edge and swag. instead of real teams you are gracedwith skater boys, taggin crew, hardcore honeys,

and low riders. each team has their own homecourt and play style, displayed with their stats. the teams are judged by their speed,skill, power and shooting. this allows you to choose either playing with finesse, power,or speed. there are several different game modes toplay in. home turf has you traveling to different teams, playing against them and winning toearn their turf. it’s pretty dramatic. but there is also challenge mode, versus, andfreestyle, where you can show off your finely tuned skills that kill. depending on how muchstyle points you rack up during a game also determines how many upgrade points you earnthat can increase your team’s abilities, and give more incentive to play well.

the gameplay is simple but opens up as youdig deeper. moves are not overly complicated, and there are plenty of game modes. the overalltone of the game is laughable most of the time, but this is some pretty entertainingstreet football.

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