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in today’s video i’m going togive you an overview, a quick review of the aromacuppersonal coffee maker the aromacup? really? [offstage voice: thanks brian!] and now we’re making coffee makers. alright, let’s do that again. kitchenaid, alright. hey everyone, i’m brianwith thanks, as always, for joining me herein my virtual coffee shop

brought to you by in today’s video i’m going to giveyou a quick overview and a review of the kitchenaidpersonal coffee maker. a very cool,single serve-ish machine. and i say ‘ish’ because it can actuallymake enough coffee i’ve found for about two people,and it’s a drip style machine. so it doesn’t use podsor anything along those lines. it uses regular ground coffee. and it’s got a focus on being ableto brew a cup of coffee

and just get out the door. so if you’re looking for somethingthat’s going to brew drip coffee and still give yousome single serve ease. i think this is goingto be a good way to do it. let’s dive in and talk aboutthe kitchenaid personal coffee maker. so first off, let’s talkabout what’s in the box with the kitchenaidpersonal coffee maker. now first off you havethe machine itself of course. now it’s red and it has a lot ofbrushed aluminum, which i really like.

it’s got this verykind of stylish look. it’s definitely tall.but it’s very slim so it doesn’t take up a lot space onyour countertop, which i really like so you get the machine, you get a kitchenaid-branded tumbler,which is also kind of cool. it has this silicone wrapon the outside. it’s brushed aluminum completelyon the outside as well, and then it has a simpleplastic removable lid. this is where you’regoing to brew your coffee.

that just sits right underneaththe brew basket right here and then finally you getyour instruction booklet. it’s pretty straightforward. this machine doesn’t exactlyhave a lot of bells and whistles so you may not necessarilyneed this too much especially after you watchour video right here today. let’s talk about the features on thekitchenaid personal coffee maker. now we’ll start off on the tophere with the tank. now the water tank is easily removableand it holds up to 16 ounces of water

you’ve got an indicator hereon the side of the tank. it fills up using this inlet that’s onthe top and there’s a small handle for carrying the tank around. now again, this is really meantfor making one cup of coffee so you’re gonna fill this up prettymuch every time you go to use it. now that said, it’s only going to useas much water as you put in the tank. so if you only use 8 ounces, of course, you’re only going to brew8 ounces of water. as we move downwe have the brew basket

now the brew basket opens up fromthe machine very easily by just turning to the side. and this is where you’re going tofind your gold tone filter. this is one of the primary featuresnoted on the machine is that you have that gold tone filter. now usually those help to notstore a lot of the coffee oils that you find whenyou’re brewing coffee and so therefore you don’t get an oldcoffee taste with that residual oil and other left-behind coffee bitsthat you usually get in most filters.

so the gold tone filter is definitelygoing to help the flavor of your coffee. moving on down, you have the tumbler. now the tumbler holds upto 18 ounces of coffee. you may be wondering why it holds 18,when the machine brews up to 16 ounces well, the easy answer there, of course, is if you want to add cream orsweeteners to your coffee, you don’t wanna overflow your tumbler. and so it does hold a little bit morethan what the machine actually brews. very useful, obviously, if youwant to flavor your coffee.

and then finally when we moveto the base of the machine, this is just where the drip tray’s very simple. it doesn’t have a whole lot of space and it removes by just taking offthis stainless steel tray right here. there’s a plastic tray you then take out.that’s where you can empty the water. if you end up dripping a lot of coffeein this, you’re going to want to clean this daily, because itdoes not hold a lot of water. that’s pretty much the basicfeatures on the machine. on the inside of the machine,

it uses what kitchenaid callsoptimized brewing technology. and the optimized brewing technology,the idea behind that is to give you, as they say,a hot and rich cup of coffee. i did find that this machinedefinitely brews very hot, which i was impressed by, andthe flavor was quite good as well. so, now that we’ve covered the overallfeatures of the machine, let’s talk about its operation. the operation of the kitchenaidpersonal coffee maker is really simple. and this is one of the reasons thati found myself using it a lot,

every morning, because it wasjust so easy to make a cup of coffee. the first thing you’re going to dois take your water tank off, and you’re going to fill that tank up with as much water as youwould like to brew coffee. now again, it holds up to 16 ounces,but if you are to add, let’s say up to 16 ounces, you’re definitely goingto get not as strong a cup of coffee. but because you can adjust the amountof coffee grounds that you’re going to be brewing in, that allows you toalso adjust the strength of your coffee. i will usually go ahead and brewabout 16 ounces of coffee.

and the reason for that is also thati’ve found that brewing 16 ounces i could then pour into a couple of mugs, and i would have a couple cupsof coffee, which was great. so you’re going to fill yourwater tank up first. after that, fill upyour gold tone filter. now to do that, i honestly would alwaysjust leave it inside of the machine i’ll go ahead and take it outto show you guys as we fill it. now again, you can adjust howeveryou would like in order to get the proper amount of flavor that you’relooking to get out of your coffee.

i’m just going to go aheadand fill this up, about like i would any drip-style machine. i’m goingto give myself a little bit extra to work with becausei like my coffee strong. and now just drop your gold tonefilter back into the brew basket. close that up, take your tumbler andput it underneath the machine. now there’s something that i shouldmention real quick as we start brewing, and actually we’ll go and start brewing by just pressing a buttonright here on the front of the unit. it’s going to beep.that button’s going to glow,

and it going tolet us know it’s brewing. something i should mention is that youdon’t have to brew into this tumbler. you could brew into any mug thatyou want, as long as it will fit underneath the brew basket,you’re good to go. now as to the speed of the machine,it definitely moves quickly. i’m looking on the side here as i brew. and i’ve already brewedabout 4 ounces of coffee. i’m down to about 12 ouncesof water on the tank. so it doesn’t move very quickly.

i’ve found usually it would take justabout a couple minutes to brew. it does have to heat upwhen you first start, because it doesn’t have a tankthat consistently stays hot. so it’s just something to keep in mind. basically, if you’re going to brewwith this, you’re probably going to want to set it, brew, walk awayfor a moment or two, come back and you’ll havea cup of coffee ready for you. we’re all done. now this gets really hot.

i’m gonna tell you, even with thissilicone sleeve on the outside, this metal gets extremely hot. so let’s see what we’ve gothere temperature-wise. i’m going to take this lid off, and use our trusty thermometer. here we go. just a little before 180. so that’s not too bad,that’s pretty hot. now the machine will beep three timeswhen it’s all done brewing,

but i’ve found that generally you can pull that tumbler outeven before you hear those beeps. the machine is donebrewing at that point. and were coming up to about172 degrees, right here. not too bad i would have to sayfor a drip-style coffee machine. it’s quite quite hot, as i say. the one thing i would be careful of ifyou’re gonna grab this tumbler and go out the door, is that you might burnyourself, in all honesty, on this metal. and that’s very very hot.

i would not want to grab thisby the metal on the tumbler. so it’s something to be careful of whenyou are actually using this machine, just something to keep in mind. but, overall i’d have to say that thisis a very impressive little machine. and brews a reallynice cup of coffee i used it straight for about a month, in all honesty, as one ofmy primary coffee machines. i’d get up every morning, brew,and i had a great cup of coffee. so finally, let’s talk about price onthe kitchenaid personal coffee maker.

retailing at about $79.99. i do feel like maybe that’s a littlebit high, but that’s just me. but if you really like drip style coffeei think that this is a good way to go because you get that ease and convenience ofjust brewing into a tumbler, being able to get on with your day. now if you want to buy this machine,check out the link in the description here of our video, and that’s whereyou can find out how you can get this machine and add it toyour own at-home coffee shop.

so the bottom line on thekitchenaid personal coffee maker, a very cool, sleek kind of machine. it doesn’t take up a wholelot space on your countertop. it has that very easy to fillwater tank, which is great. it lets you vary the amountof water and coffee. the amount of wateryou’re going to use to make the amount of coffeethat you’re going to have. gives you the abilityto make drip style coffee. so if you’re still downin the world of drip style,

but you want some single serveconvenience, this is a good way to go. and brews directly into thattumbler, which i think is very cool. easy to get on the road with it. i will say, i think maybethe price is a little bit high, but the quality of the machineis definitely impressive. and finally, because it doesbrew very hot, you do need to becareful with that tumbler. as i say, i would probably pourthis into another mug and then get on with my day,

because even again withthat sheath on the outside. this is very, very, very hot and itmight make it a little hard to drink especially if you’re driving in the car. remember, don’t drink and drive coffee in your car folks. this can be very, very dangerousunless you have a great on-the-go mug. i hope that you guys found that useful. remember, if you want find out moreinformation about this machine, and many other coffee machines, and theworld of coffee, join us at

find out how you can get thismachine by looking at the link and the description here in our video if you have questions or comments, feel freeto leave them here on our video. get in touch with us at i’m brian. i thank you guys for joiningme in my virtual coffee shop, brought to you by and i’ll see you next time. take care.

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