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hey everyone. i’m brian thanks as always for joining mehere in my virtual coffee shop brought to you by in today’s video i’m going to give you a side by sideby side by side comparison of all of nespresso’s currentoffers for single serve espresso brewing in yourown at-home coffee shop. we’re going to be talkingabout the nespresso essenza single serve machine.i have the nespresso u,

i have the nespresso pixie,and the nespresso citiz. four really great machines, all with differingfunctions and capabilities. we’re going to tell you all aboutthe differences between them and we’ll brew a little bitof espresso to show you how a couple of them work,and show you some differences. so let’s dive right in and talk about these fourgreat machines from nespresso. let’s start at the bottom

to compare all these machines,just as we always do. we’ll start over here withthe citiz, and really all three of the machines that ihave in the center right here, their trays are all removableand give you the ability to get some extra clearance in order to be able to brewwith larger tumblers. in comparison to the essenzamachine, this one does not give you very much clearance. if you remove this tray,which you can do,

you are going to be accessingthe pod collection tray, which is on thebottom of the machine. but you cannot giveyourself extra clearance to brew into a larger tumbler. so that’s the big differencebetween these machines. pretty much the sameon all of them. they all have pod collectiontrays, but on the essenza you don’t get a lot of clearance for being able brewinto larger tumblers.

the tray for each of thesedoubles as a collection tray. each one of these machines does have a collection trayfor spent capsules. each one will collect somewherebetween 10 to 14 spent capsules. it’s pretty easily to access onpretty much all of these machines. a little bit harder to grabout from the nespresso u, but still pretty easy. and then over here, of course,on the essenza, i already showed you that one,it just simply pulls out.

so all these machines dofeature a collection tray for spent nespresso pods. let’s talk about the powerbuttons on each of these machines, because it is differenton each of them. on the citiz, the power button ison the left-hand side right here, and it’s just a simplepower button, just on/off. on the pixie, the power buttonis on the top of the machine and you just press it down inorder to power the machine on. on the u, it does not havea physical power button.

in order to turn it on, you justsimply move the capsule holder backwards and forward and thatturns the machine on if it’s turned off. that will also startthe brew process, so i’m not going to dothat right now because we will show you brewing in a moment. then over here, on the essenza,the power button is just located right hereon the front of the machine. so easy access for all of these,but as you can see, each one

does power onin a different fashion. brewing with each of thesemachines is probably where there is the most differencebetween each machine because it is a little bit different, especially on the smallermachines on my right-hand side. so again, starting herewith the citiz, this machine has the capabilityto do single and double shots, and the buttons for doingthat are both located on the very top of the machine.

in order to start brewing you simply press one of thosebuttons and you’ll start brewing. that’s pretty much the sameon the pixie, where it can do a single and a double shot,and all you need to do is press one of those buttons in orderto access the brewing function. now where things geta little bit different is over here on the uand the essenza. on the u, we simplychoose a brew size, and there are three differentbrew sizes to be found on the u.

and this is different from allof the nespresso machines in fact. you’re going to notice ihave three buttons right here. each of these is touch’s not a physical pushbutton. i just simply press my finger on it in order to change the brewsize that i would like to use. you’ve got a lungo, you havea ristretto, and an espresso. or should i say, lungo,espresso, and ristretto, going down fromthe top to the bottom. so that’s very different withthe u as compared to all

of the nespresso machines. and then moving overto the essenza, things are a little bitdifferent when it comes to actually brewing becausewe only have one brew button. and this brew buttonis going to allow you to start the brewing process,but it also is what you use to stop the brewingprocess of your espresso. so, again big differencebetween all of these machines, the essenza does not have anautomatic brewing option.

you press that button, you brew as much as you want,and you stop the brew process. the rest of these machines havean automatic brewing option. you simply press a buttonand they will put as much water through your grand cru capsuleas you would like to brew, as is also set either by youwhen it comes to programming the machine or set by nespressowhen they factory ship the machine. so a little bit different. all three of these offeringan automatic option,

and the essenza doesnot have fully automatic. you actually have to controlthe size of your espresso shot. let’s talk about how youput a capsule into each of these machines, because it is a little bitdifferent on each one. on the citiz, it makes use ofthis plunger system in which you just simply open up this leveron the top of the machine and you drop your grand crucapsule into it, puncture that and thenyou start brewing.

over here on the pixie,it’s a little bit different, where you have sort of the sameoperation but that brew chamber is accessed bypulling on this handle. you drop your capsule into there and then close this upand puncture that capsule. on the u, it uses a systemwhich is totally different from any of these machinesbecause it is fully automatic. you simply open up the brewlever here on the top, pop your capsule in, close it up

and it does everythingautomatically for you. so you don’t even actuallypuncture the grand cru capsule using the nespresso u,it does that work for you. so this is the most automaticof all of these machines. it’s a very cool feature on thisone, and i’ll show it to you in action, because again, if iopen the brew chamber right now i’m going to start brewing. that’s just because themachine is fully automatic. finally, over here on the essenza,it’s a little bit different

than the u because it also makesuse of that lever-based system. this is very much like the citiz,you drop that capsule in, close it down andpuncture your capsule. so definitely some differentoptions when it comes to how you make use ofcapsules on these machines. the u being the most automaticand the most drop capsule in, walk away and come back to coffeeoption that you can have. let’s talk about the water tankson each of these machines because they are each different,

as we move along frommachine to machine. let’s start off with the citiz. the citiz hasa 34 ounce water tank. it’s the biggest ofall of these machines and it attaches very easilyto the back of the unit. the pixie hasa 24 ounce water tank. again, it attaches very simplyto the back of the unit. it has this fold-up sort of trayon the top to keep the water in. on the u, this is thesmallest water tanker

of any of the machines,it’s 27 ounces. this one attaches in avery cool way that’s different from all the other machines. it actually stays on therewith magnets. there’s a set of magnetson the bottom of the tank, and those magnetskeep it attached. now another big differenceis that as opposed to all of these machines, on the u we can movethe water tank around.

it can actually rotate around tothe back of the unit or the side. so that’s a coolspace-saving feature. very different fromall of the other machines. the lid on this stays on with alittle silicone ring on the top. then finally over here in theessenza, we have a 30 ounce tank. it’s a little bit differentbecause it’s the only one with a little carrying handleon it, which is kind of useful. and it just attachesto the back of the machine. so you can see there’sdefinitely a difference

between each of the tanks. the biggest difference hereis the u’s tank, which again, stays on with magnets,and is of course, the smallest of allof the nespresso machines. so let me show you the operationof a couple of these machines. as i say, the machine whichis the most different in operationis the nespresso u. so i’m going to show youthat one in action, and then i’m going to show youthe nespresso pixie in action,

because it’s very similar,especially to the citiz. then over here on the essenza,the only major difference, as i say, is that the essenzais little more manual when it comes tothe brewing process. so let’s brew with the uto start off with. the first thing i need to do,before i even open my brew chamber is i need to choose the brewsize i would like to do. so i’m just going to do anespresso size shot. i’m going to place my shot glass,and now all i need to do

is open up the brew chamber,take my grand cru capsule, drop this into the brew chamberand just close it up. the machine is going to do allthe work for me right here. it punches that capsule. it knows how much water itshould inject into that capsule and does essentiallyeverything for you. so the u is an entirely automatedand completely automatic version of any of these’s got the simplest process. you can see it evenejects the spent pod

and drops it into thepod collection tray for me. so this machine is truly set,brew, walk away and come back to a cup of coffee.that’s pretty awesome. so let’s brew nowwith the pixie. on the pixie, we only have twobrew sizes that we choose from. we open up the brew chamber withthat handle, we drop our capsule into the brew chamber and thenwe close it up to puncture it. now we can program thelength of the draw that we’re going to doon the pixie and the citiz.

so these may be programmeda little bit differently just because we use them here inthe studio and we’ve programmed them a couple times, but you canchoose to make the single shot button make more thana single shot of espresso. but i’m just going to go aheadand press the single shot button now on top of the machineand let it brew. we should mention the pressurepump type on all of these machines. the pressure pump for each of thesemachines is 19 bars of pressure. so that’s 4 bars above what isthe usual suggested pressure

for an espresso machine, whichis great because you’re going to get a lot more pressure, andyou’re going to need that pressure in order to get the right brewout of your capsule. so you have 19 bars of pressurein each of these machines. now you can see, again as i say,i’ve programmed my single shot to be a little bit longeron the nespresso citiz. usually that machine wouldhave stopped brewing a little bit before whati actually got out of it. but that is cool. you canprogram this machine.

the essenza and the u,not so much programmable, but the u of course offeringa lot of automatic features. and the essenza, you canreally just choose the length of your draw,of course. so that’s operationof two of these machines. as they say, the pixie is verysimilar to the citiz in its overall operation, and they areboth very similar to the essenza. and the u offersthe most automatic option that you’re going to get

out of an espresso singleserve espresso machine. let’s talk about pricingon all of these machines. the citiz is the most expensive, coming in at $249,at the making of this video. it’s also definitely the biggestof any of the nespresso machines. moving on into the pixie,we’ve got $229 retail, and definitely a littlebit smaller than the citiz. moving here on to the u,it retails for about $199. very well priced for allthose automatic options

that you get withthis machine, i think. we’re looking at $129suggested retail price. so the essenza is definitelythe least expensive of any of these machines. also has essentiallythe least amount of features. the u, for beingvery moderately priced, offers the most automaticfeatures you’re going to find out of any of these machines. it is definitely, as they say,the drop a capsule, walk away

and come back to a shotof espresso option. really easy to make use of. the pixie and the citizalso very close to that fully automatic optionthat you get with the u. they do require a little bitmore interaction with the machine, of course, but the pricingon these is also pretty good. if you’re looking for somethingthat’s really going to be the granddaddy of these machineswhen it comes to size, profile and things like that, you’reprobably going to want to

take a look at the citiz. if you’re looking for machinesthat are very small and easy to fit under countertop,the pixie, the u and the essenza are all going to fillthat need very, very easily. if you’re looking for somethingwith the most automatic options, again, the u isyour machine to go for. and if you’re looking forsomething to just get into the world of single serveespresso, the essenza is probably going to be the easiestway to do that, and definitely

the least expensive way todo that, at $129 retail price. so there you go guys. that’s a quick overview of all 4of nespresso’s current offerings in the world of singleserve espresso brewing. i personally really likeall of these machines. i’ve used them allvery exclusively. i have to say the u isdefinitely stepping in as one of my favorite machinesbecause of those fully automatic options that it has.

but remember, this is allgoing to depend on how you like to brew your coffeein your own at-home coffee shop. i hope that this has been usefulto you guys, and as always, please make sureto stay in touch with us. visit us at, like this video, share it,comment on it. and of course, subscribeto our channel. we love hearing from you guyshere at so if you have questions,please be in touch with us.

and as always, i’m briancoming to you from my virtual coffee shop,brought to you by and i’m reminding you guys toenjoy your cup or your shot of espresso, and i’ll seeyou next time. take care.

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