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c: here – did you just, did you just hit record? r: oh, yeah c: okay, i don’t know – just let me think about it for a sec r: am i like, crazy taller than you? okay. c: what were we going to do? i was gonna go – r: i was like, i don’t know how you start your videos. c: i usually start my videos and what do i say, "okay! today we have a chicago haul" or something c: i could do what you do, and say – r: oh yeah! you should! c: i’m even, i’m gonna put the little "da-duh-da!" i’m going to do that. and it’s gonna go: "hi everyone, i’m candace, and this is candace reads." [laughs] "in chicago." hey guys, i’m in chicago, i realised that i didn’t tell anyone that i was going to chicago

except if you follow me and rincey on twitter. this is rincey, from rinceyreads, i’m sure you all know who she is and watch her videos, if you don’t, you should, i will link them down below. and, how did, we just decided, i was going to come and visit chicago, because it seemed like a fun thing to do and rincey said i should, so, i read the books that she tells me to read, and i visit the cities that she tells me to visit! r: i have so much power! c: yeah, yeah! use it wisely. um, so anyway, we were trying to think of what sort of video to film, and because we have a lack of interesting ideas, and we bought some books and did some bookish chicago-touristy things we figured that that would be the most interesting thing to talk about. so, rincey took me to a couple of awesome places around chicago, several of them book related

so that’s what we’re going to talk about today. so, the first bookstore we went to was called open books c: do you wanna? r: yeah, if you know chicago at all, it’s in river north area, it’s a non-profit bookstore, so they run literacy programs with chicago public schools, and they have tutoring and writing centres and stuff like that, so, all of the books that, or a significant portion of the books that they sell are donated, so if you ever want to get rid of books, and you live in chicago, i highly recommend donating to them. and then they re-sell those books and so the profits from that go to their programs and then they also have a little section of new books and things like that too. it’s one of my favourites. c: i liked it, it’s really bright and colourful, and they have everything really well laid out, everything in order. i mean, to a certain extent, it’s pretty easy to find things. so, what i got there, i was looking around

and i wasn’t sure what to get or what to look for, and then since they just had so much and they were a used bookstore i thought, i am going to check for some rex stout nero wolfe mysteries, and i found four of them, they were three bucks each, so i just decided that they all could fit in my bag and i would just buy all of them. they’re just kind of episodic, mysteries, i really love them and an a&e show was based on them and that’s what got me to know about them. i used to watch the show and then it got cancelled, and i was really sad, and so then i realised that there was like 40 novels that it was based on, so i started reading them, and highly recommended, if you like mysteries. r: when i was there – i go there every couple of months, so i just like to see what they end up having in stock when i go there, so i found this copy of tender is the night by f. scott fitzgerald, the only fitzgerald

i’ve ever read is the great gatsby, so i’ve always been wanting to read it and then when i saw that they had this modern classics edition i decided to pick this up, and then i also got a coy of paradise by toni morrison they had a couple of toni morrison books, but they were mostly beat up, and so i’m kind of picky about my morrison that i buy, so i decided to pick those two up from there. c: that’s awesome. so then, that was… friday, i think it was r: that’s right. c: and then yesterday, we went to, what was r: andersonville. well, that’s where we started off the day, but that’s where most of these books were bought. c:yeah, really cute neighbourhood, i liked it a lot. there was just a lot of cool stuff to look at, and we went into alley cat comics, which you would walk right by if they didn’t have a little sign, like the alley is literally like this big

r: yeah, it’s like, you have to walk in a straight line if you are walking with somebody else cause there’s just not enough room. c: yeah, they have a little sign over the top, saying "alley cat comics" and when you go in, you go between two buildings and then there’s kind of like this little courtyard area, in the back, and that’s where it is. and it’s really cute, you feel like you’re sort of discovering something r: yeah, like a hidden passageway, or something. c: yah, and it’s a really cute comic shop it has a lot of everything, basically it’s got a lot of single issues, it’s got a lot of independent stuff, and also the big names, like marvel and dc and superheroes and that sort of thing, i saw some zines there and some independent stuff from over in europe, and things like that, and they have your toys and your figures and that sort of thing so there’s a little bit of everything. which is pretty awesome. what i got, was – i wasn’t even planning to buy this or buy anything, i was just looking around,

and saw the reissue of escapo by paul pope, i keep on mentioning him and saying that i’m going to make a video about him which i will do, eventually i’m sure, this was a book that he published a long time ago, i think in the 90s it takes place in a circus, escapo is an escape artist, the reissue is all coloured, the original one was in black and white, and these reissues that have been coming out, he has a lot of extra material, like sketches, ideas and concepts and stuff like that, so, as a superfan, i needed to buy it! so yeah, i’m looking forward to this. r: and then when i was there i just decided to pick up a couple of comics because i hadn’t gone to the comic book store this week, so i picked up ody-c, which is the new comic book by matt fraction, who wrote the hawkeye series that’s been getting a lot of attention recently, he’s currently

working on sex criminals as well, but this is the odyssey, but it’s like a gender-bent odyssey, and there’s like this really beautiful fold- out. that’s like super epic c: oh wow, yeah! r: yeah, like i didn’t know this was in here, until i was checking out, and the lady at the register was like: have you opened it up yet? and i was like: no, and she was like: the spread in there is amazing! and i was like: oh, okay, so when i got home i looked at it and was like: okay, yeah, that’s pretty epic! but yeah, it’s the odyssey in space, and then it’s gender-swapped, so all the men are women and all the women are men i believe. and then i also picked up the next issue of gotham academy just because i’ve been reading that and then i also picked up saga volume three, cause volume four is coming out sometime this month so i decided to pick up volume three so i could read this and be ready for volume four, when that comes out.

c: awesome. we also went to another independent bookstore, called women and children first i didn’t get anything from that store, but did you want to – r: yeah so, i got really excited – if you follow me on instagram, you would have seen that i instagrammed this, but harperperennial did these 50th anniversary editions of some of their books, and so they’re only sold in independent bookstores, throughout the country, and there’s only select independent bookstores, so i’ve been peeking in and out of stores as i jump around the city and stuff like that, and try to find them and i hadn’t seen them yet, so i finally found them at that bookstore, and i literally gasped out loud when i saw them because i was so excited. so this is what they look like, i got ann patchett’s state of wonder, which i’m very excited about c: they were only like ten bucks each – r: yeah they’re only ten dollars each, they all have a solid colour

and then a single illustration and then the titles are written like this, and then the spines have this stripey design and then they have a quote on the back from the book itself, so i’m really excited to read this i’ve been wanting to read more ann patchett, so, i read bel canto when i was in college and then i haven’t read anything since cause i’m horrible at keeping up with authors. c: i haven’t read any ann patchett r: oh, you should c: i, i know, because people have been talking about her, so yeah, she’s on my list of people to get to. r: yeah, we all have those authors, it’s fine. c: okay so, i got a few other things on my trip, i’m going to show them to you now this one’s a book, this is a sketchbook that i bought from an art store called artist and craftsman supply co. if you’re in chicago you should definitely should go, there’s also come locations elsewhere in the us,

cause i was looking on the website, really love that store, i bought this hand-book journal co. sketchbook i have a smaller red one that was given to me by a friend, and i’m sure you can get them in canada but they don’t have them at my local art store, and i love them because it’s not watercolour paper but it takes watercolour, it takes marker, and pens and it doesn’t bleed through the pages, i just really love them. so this is like a nice elongated landscape version, so you can do some cool stuff with that type of dimension so i’m really excited about this. we also went to a store called paper source! it’s a stationery store i really really loved it, r: by the way, if any of you are in america, let me know if there are paper sources, because i probably could just google this but i don’t know, they’re from chicago originally, i don’t know if they exist outside of chicago, but i know they have multiple locations in chicago. c: yeah, and i feel like their items are available in other places, whether or not there’s like

official stores, but anyway, yeah, stationery store, it’s got a lot of calendars, planners, decorations, gifts and then in the back, they have cards and envelopes in every colour imaginable, that you can use to make cards, and writer letters and stuff like that, i would have spent a lot of money at this store if i had room to bring everything back in my suitcase, what i did get was this 2015 calendar, which i should have taken it out of the plastic, so you could see it, but whatever, it’s all these botanical drawings and everything is really pretty with gold foil and i plan, i know right where i’m going to hang it, in my kitchen and i’m really excited about that. and a lot of these calendars are pretty enough that you can frame these things, afterwards, or hang them up or there was that big one that you can use to make stuff. r: yeah, there’s a version that they have where it’s like big, wall calendar, and i got that one before, and i cut it up to make postcards, and i have bookmarks sitting on my desk

that i’ve been using as bookmarks that i’ve literally jut cut the paper into strips. c: yeah c: which is pretty awesome. so that was great. and the last thing that i have that i bought is we went to the david bowie exhibit, at the museum of contemporary art in chicago, and i was really excited for numerous reasons, but one of them was just to see the differences between the one in london and the one in chicago, i mean, it was all the same stuff but it was really kind of cool to see how everything was laid out, and they had different t-shirts! so, i had to get another t-shirt, and the thing that i liked about the mca t-shirts was they had ladies t-shirts where, at the victoria & albert museum they were all just like the big unisex t-shirts. so i got this david bowie t-shirt, it’s purple, i really like it, it’s super soft, i wore it yesterday, very comfortable and so they have a lot of different designs, i don’t know if you can get them online, i don’t know if they’re selling them online, i didn’t check to see

if the musem has an online shop. but, the shop there was really cool, so if you’re in chicago area, even if you don’t go into any of the exhibits, you can go into the museum shop and they have a lot of really cool stuff there. anyway, so that’s it, those are the things that i got, we’re going to the field museum tomorrow, so maybe i’ll buy things there too and make an addendum to this video, but, overall chicago: a+! i’ve been really enjoying it and i highly recommend it. r: come visit! c: especially the bookstores that we mentioned, i’ll find the websites to the stores and the places that i mentioned and i will put them down below, because there’s lots of cool spots and i really enjoyed those r: and i only took her to a couple of places, there’s like a bazillion! c: i know! it’s like, it makes me anxious knowing that there’s all these awesome places that i’ll never get to see. so, thank you for watching, if you have been to chicago before, let me know what were your favourite places

and things to do, and all of that, and i will talk to you later! see ya! r: bye! c: i have to do it like really, like calm. r: i have to not laugh through it, okay. c: we can have a bloopers! c: hi everyone, i’m candace and this is candace reads [well i was trying to say that but i was laughing] i can’t do it without laughing! i can’t do it, okay, third time, if we laugh during this this time we’ll just put the laughing in.

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