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hello everyone. so you want to put your nexus 5 onto atelevision set. brilliant. everybody wants to do that, it’s agreat idea. now, if you’re familiar with this kind of technology in previous devices like the galaxy s3s4 note 2, htc one, etcetera, we had a system known as mhl. now mhl is basically a standard that the manufacturers can signup to

which will allow them to use a cable tooutput hdmi to any device like a television set, capture device and so on. now what was interesting when the nexus5 came out is mhl cables just didn’t work, simple as that and it would seem that what google has decided to do is to move over to more of an open standard called slimport. so this is a slimport cable. now you canpick these up for about â£12 give or take, possibly cheaper if you hunt around for them, but the idea really is

that it’s a replacement for an mhl cable which as you can see they look pretty much identical. the only difference being the slimportdoesn’t carry a license fee from what i can tell andso obviously the slimports are cheaper. now, it’s a pretty simple device to actuallyuse. all you have to do is you have an hdmi plug on this end or a female hdmi on that end. you’ve got a small slimport connector which is basically a micro usb

and you have a full-sized usb which is used to actually power this device and also charge the smartphone whilst you’re outputting to a television set. all you do plug that into there, oops, get it the right way round, plug an hdmi cable into there, that into ausb port. you can use a block plugged into a wall socket or a computer with a usb, doesn’t matterand plug it into your television set and then everything that you see on here will be displayed on to your hdmi device.simple as that and if you want to

kind of see how this works in practice, take alook at pretty much any of the content on our channel it’s all done using hdmi capture so from either mhl cables or in the case of the nexus 5 using slimport and it works beautifullywell. it’s a very very easy system to use and now google have moved over to slimport it’s actually much cheaper as well. bonus!

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