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hey everyone. this is tricia gauss- your norwex independent sales consultant and i help educate people on how to save time, save money, and clean while reducing the use of toxic chemicals. let’s get started with our amazing enviro cloth our everything cloth. what sets norwex apart from other microfiber on the market is the size of our microfiber. to

be considered microfiber it has to be one sixth of a human strand of hair. norwex’s microfiber is 1/200th of a human strand of hair. that’s over 10 million feet of microfiber in one cloth. if you were to stretch it out it would reach from canada to mexico. that is how it has the ability to remove up to ninety-nine percent of bacteria from a surface with

just water! your surfaces are left free from everything! it cleans mechanically and not chemically. norwex also has micro silver embedded in the cloth an antibacterial agent for self purifying and it will inhibit bacterial odor mold and or mildew growth within the product. no more stinky cloth! when germs come in contact with the cloth they can’t

survive when you rinse it out and hang it up to dry in between uses it self purifies. norwex comes with a two-year and 60 day satisfaction guarantee. when you use your microfiber you want to fold it not scrunch it it allows the microfiber to work. plus you also have eight clean sides to work with. these cloths clean everything and remove everything.

do you freak out when chicken juice is on your counter? let me show you how norwex can help you. these restaurant-grade text swabs test for protein traces left on surfaces. green means clean and purple means dirty. pair the envirocloth with the window cloth and it makes everything streak free and beautiful. do you ever struggle getting a

streak free shine? use these two best friends for mirrors, faucets, sinks, stainless steel, windows ,granite. no more spray! look at how much money you are saving. does anyone here love to dust? i didn’t really like it either. are you tired of getting polish spray all over the house? would you like to dust less often? enter the dusting mitt! one is

great but two is even better! these work with static charge all the dust is gone from the surface. when they get dirty just flip them over and then you have two new clean sides. no more spray. look at how much money you can save! plus the spray chemicals attract more dust. this helps you to dust less often. another great thing you can do with your

dusting mitt is to clean your window screens. you can also use the bathroom scrub mitt with the same plush side. next up is the envirowand also known as the magic wand. look how skinny this is!! think of all the tight places you can clean now that you didn’t before. it’s okay you can do your dryer vent, under your stove, on top of the fridge, (i even left you some dirt) the

dashboard in your vehicle, your wooden blinds you can do more it is completely bendable you can clean all the ceiling fans. attach it with the telescopic mop handle and you have no excuse to not clean the fan. here is the last mop you’ll ever buy!! the dry mop is yellow for sunny. the blue is for water or wet and this is the tile

mop pad that has extra gripping power. super simple. the yellow pad replaces the broom and picks up everything! wait until you see this thing in action! you want to use a figure-eight motion when using the mop and you can also lift up the corner of the pad so you can get the baseboards at the same time. you can mop up the dirt with the envirocloth at the end and

simply use the rubber brush again to clean all that dirt and debris right into the garbage can. how am i going to take care of these cloths so they last two years and way beyond? i’ve had my first norwex for over six years now and it’s still working. think of how much dusting polish and window cleaner i haven’t bought in that

long. it’s more than paid for it. you want to wash it in the washer, dry it in the dryer. there are three simple rules 1- no bleach. 2- no fabric softener or dryer sheets and 3- wash it in a low lint load. if you don’t have a full load of microfiber yet, go ahead and put them in with your bed sheets on hot because they don’t have any lint. i wash

all my norwex once a week. i have to talk to you about the ultra power plus laundry detergent. not only for our microfiber but for all your laundry. ultra power plus laundry detergent is free from fragrance, dyes, fillers, sls, it is phosphate free and biodegradable. because of that there’s no need to use a fabric softener. look at these comparison jars

you see all these fillers and dyes? you don’t need that! enter the ultra power plus laundry detergent it is free and clear literally! with this bag of laundry detergent in a standard washer you can use one tablespoonful per load and in a high-efficiency front loader like what i have i use a teeny tiny teaspoon. this bag is going to last you a really long

time. thank you so much for watching we’ve only hit the tip of the iceberg so connect with me at thank you!!

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