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the smartphone series of nexus is now dead, or has been terminated. no need to worry, cause google has another exclusive smartphone, called google pixel…! pixel and nexus are very different. no wonder if the design is very different as well. although it is claimed to be “made by google”, pixel is actually produced by htc. this smartphone feels handy since the screen dimension is only 5-inch with 2,5d glass. we think that google choose the 5-inch screen on purpose

since there is not much selection of 5-inch screen android smartphone. plus, its dimension is also a great competitor for iphone 7 to us, in terms of design, google pixel is not really great yet unique. yes, it is one in a million. this smartphone is not very thin due to its thickness which is 8.5 mm. its body is dominated by metal, and combined with glass.

the glass part covers half of its body, and it has also been covered by gorilla glass. in this part, google puts a circle fingerprint sensor. however, we are not very certain of why the glass material only covers half of it. google may want to offer uniqueness in a different touch. back to the front part, we actually do not like how thick the bezel in the top and bottom part of the screen are. we do not think it is necessary since the navigation button on pixel is placed inside the screen.

meanwhile regarding button, at first, we feel a bit confused with the position of power button which is on the top, and the volume button which is in the bottom. it is because a lot of smartphones’ power button are underneath the volume button. besides, jack audio is located on the top of the phone instead of underneath the phone, and in average, only cheaper smartphones place its jack audio on the top. this is the first android smartphone in the world which carries os nougat 7.1.

with this pure os android, the display is simple and clean without bloatware. to open app drawer from homescreen page, you need to swipe to the top. various icons of applications will be presented, and you can swipe vertically. still talking about application icon, there is an interesting thing that makes it similar to iphone. on google pixel,

you can press it to show several shortcut. for instance, while pressing camera application a bit longer, a shortcut to take selfie or record video will automatically appear. this feature is similar to 3d touch on iphone 7. however, this feature is only supported by google’s default application. as a smartphone that is made by google, pixel brings personal assistant named google assistant. this feature is meant to give information that you ask. to activate it, you will need to press home button.

unfortunately, google assistant cannot be activated while using indonesian languange. although google’s smartphone is known to bring simple os and minimum feature, this time, it offers 5 feature. these features include double tap to wake, pressing power button twice to activate camera, touching fingerprints to open notification window, shaking the smartphone to change camera, etc. one thing we really like out of ui on google pixel is the capability to show a very small content on the screen.

besides the size of the font, we can also change the screen dimension wholly so that it can display a very small text and icon and still looks presentable. what you must know is that the experience you will feel while accessing menu and switching from one application to another is very responsive. no lag at all. while idle,

ram capacity consumed approximately 50% out of the total. google pixel is the best android smartphone today. the definition of the best is valid for the whole aspect it has, including the performance. screen-wise, google pixel relies on amoled panel with full hd resolution. the screen can show a very strong black color and other bright colors. switching to hardware,

google pixel actually does not bring the best hardware. its ram capacity is only 4 gb. its snapdragon 821 processor’s speed is only 2,15 ghz, not 2,35 ghz. the storage selection is limited to 32 gb and 128 gb, without microsd slot. yet believe it or not, the performance of its computation is the fastest one in the world.

in terms of speed, google pixel is really excel, compared to oneplus 3, galaxy s7 or xiaomi mi note 2 which are actually deemed to be the fastest android. its antutu score reaches 138.000 points which might not be the highest. however, while playing games, its frame per second always produces maximal capacity that it feels very similar to playing games on iphone 7. super smooth!

besides supported by its fast performance and a great monitor, playing games or watching music video on google pixel is also supported by mono speaker that is quite loud. yet if you use it in landscape position, the speaker will often be covered by our hands that the sound becomes fading. with a fast processor and a big capacity of ram, google is confident enough to attach a battery that is lower than 3.000 mah, 2.770 mah to be exact.

but since the os and hardware are working optimally, its capacity turns out to be more than enough. browsing internet and social media actively, plus playing class royale once in a while show that the screen-on-time is five hours. meanwhile, you can charge this phone using quick charge 3.0 for 1.5 hours. we do not need a high resolution camera to get excellent pictures. samsung and apple

have proved it, using iphone 7 and galaxy s7, and now google strengthens the thought. pixel main camera is only 12.3 mp yet the quality is really great. this camera has simple interface, like iphone’s. it does not offer many selections of mode. our favorite mode is hdr+ and lens blur.

as claimed by dxomark, pixel is the best android smartphone today. it is proven by its capability to take pictures at night or in a dark place; the result is still clear and bright. but we got a few note about its yellowish color. while taking picture in a dark place, yellowish color will be very dominant. for your reference, here’s the comparison of the pictures taken by this camera

and iphone 7’s and huawei p9’s. to you who love to take bokeh pictures, lens blur mode will be your favorite since it can deliver dramatic bokeh. however, it needs longer time to take the picture using this mode, if compared to the regular one. regarding video recording, pixel’s camera is not equipped with ois. but you do not have to be dissapointed

cause it still has eis feature that is gyro based which turns to work optimally. pixel camera supports 720p 240 fps, 1080p 120fps and 4k 30fps for video recording. today, google pixel is the best android smartphone. the performance of its computation and camera has no match. it equals to iphone as it feels fast, smooth and responsive. however, the price is way over the top.

the 32 gb version will cost you rp 11 million while the 128 gb is almost rp 14 million. hmm…

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