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nutribullet rx vs nutri ninja duo green juice test hi i’m blender babe tarashaun. hi i’m blender babe caitlin welcome to the blender babes channel. todaywe are doing a blend off! today we’re testing tocost effective blenders that claim to do a really great job at breakingdown the cell walls of fruits and vegetables the nutribullet rx vs nutri ninja duo withauto iq one of the main reasons people invest in ahigh-powered blender is so that they can make their own green juices andsmoothies. and i love making mine at home

because i save so much money they’re soexpensive when you go out to stores. like $10 a smoothie. way to expensive! yes you can doit for two or three dollars, if that sometimes for our green juice blend off ilike to use one of our most popular recipes on our website the dr. oz new green juice because it’shighly fibrous there’s lots of fruits lots of veggies, herbs, ginger and it’s agreen juice recipe that a regular blender typically

can’t handle very well. we’re gonna blendfor ninety seconds which is the minimum amount of time required to make a wholefood green juice in a power blender so let’s get ready. let’s get this blend offstarted! when you use blend and go cups you stack things hard to soft so is oppositefrom blendtec or vitamix or the kind that you put through the lid where you stack things softto hard, it’s the opposite. so you want to do ice and apples and things that are hard atthe bottom

what happens when you don’t stack itfrom hardness to softness? it just makes the blender work a lot don’t want to have to take it out and shake it around too much if youcan avoid it. i hope i can fit all of this in here. otherwisei’ll just eat it! you would add your liquids last i definitely like the container sizethis is way bigger. yeah this one i’m having a hard time fitting everythingand the blade is not going all the way down. i don’t want to get stuck inthis pineapple so i’m actually just going to leave this pieceout

with the nutri ninja, the container has tobe securely locked into place. when the nutria ninja cups are in place theonly auto iq settings that you can use are here so basically with the nutri ninja cups you can’t use the frozendrinks/smoothies setting since the setting only that can be used with the picture andvice versa with the pitcher you cannot use the ultra blend nutri ninja settings just an fyi. good to know! we’re going to blend for 90 seconds. i’m goingto blend on high, which is basically what that is when you turn it on

but your cycle is one minute so you’re gonnahave to blend for an extra thirty seconds so i’ll turn mine back on. yes. alright let’sget started! blendoff!!! ready. set. go! the nutribullet rx retails brand new for $179.99 there is also a refurbished nutribullet rxfor $134.99 it features a 2.3 horsepower, 1700-watt motor and hands-free “smart” technology with2 automatic settings the nutribullet rx comes in the box with:stainless steel extractor blade

the souperblast easy pour pitcher with ventedlid a 30-oz short cup a 45-oz oversized cup a comfort ring and stay fresh lid and a nutribullet prescription rx recipe book the nutri ninja duo with auto iq price rangesfrom $199 to $250 depending on how many accessories you get. it features a 2 horsepower, 1500-watt motor and auto-iq technology – which is basicallypre-timed automatic settings

and keep in mind, certain settings only workwith certain containers the nutri ninja duo comes with 1 interchangeableextractor blade and 1 total crushing blade 3 nutri ninja cups: 20 oz., 24 oz., and 32oz. all with sip and seal lids. a 72 oz. blending pitcher and a recipe book well that was loud. yes they’re definitelynot quiet! but most power blenders aren’t quiet.

boys, we need some muscle! the first thing we’re going to do is a mouthtest to just test the texture. these are blend and go cups so a lot of peopleput the lid on it and take it go to work in the morning. a lot of people likethat. cute straw mine is really smooth i’ve definitely got some texture. wanna taste? yours tastes smoother yours is really texturized. yeah.

if that’s the right word for it. you definitelyhave a lot of fibrous grit ok well let’s see of we can see it oh the smear test! let’s do the smear test. they look very similar. they do but actuallywith the smear test you can feel if there’s any texture or pieces now you can try mine yeah yours is a little bit smoother yes, you can actually see it right on ourfingers and depending on what taste you like you mightlike the more fibrous smoothie better.

but i think i like the smooth smoothie better i like it smooth. and i’ve done in anothergreen juice test we did with another ninja which was their first model which was only1,000 watts and there’s actually a lot more texture thanthis and i did do this test before with this same jar which is the same totalcrushing pitcher that’s in that first ninja model it’s justthat this one has more power so i thought it would get the green juice smoother andit didn’t so i just think this type of blade assemblyisn’t the best for pulverizing leafy greens

and veggies the nutri ninja cups are actually a lot betterat it. one of my questions is: the smoother the textureis it less nutrient dense or do you prefer to have a smoother smoothie it’s not any less nutrient dense. when you pulverize it to makeit completely homogeneous it is breaking down the cell walls of the fruits andvegetables, so you are going to get more nutrition readily available because it’sbroken down but you know your body’s gonna break it down so even if there’s alittle texture to your green smoothie

you’re still going to get a lot of nutrition so the last test we’re going to do is thesieve test. and you can tell, because see how yours isgoing through more i see. because these pieces are not 100% pulverized. yours is definitely much thicker 0:09:30.940,0:09:37.660here is the results of our sieve test so i was completely won over by thenutribullet rx in the smear test and the sieve test because i got acompletely homogeneous green juice in 90 seconds so i would recommend this forsomebody who doesn’t want to spend the

money on a vitamix or a blendtec this isyour more affordable option, definitely yes and the nutri ninja is definitely a greatvalue, it’s a powerful blender it just didn’t quite measure up and shinelike i thought it would. but still a great blender. yes definitely and it’s very versatile. i do like the autoiq timed settings and different things but in terms of making a super smooth greenjuice or green smoothie i think the nutribullet rx definitely won.i win! i won this blendoff! to see our full nutribullet vs nutri ninjareview and all the other tests that we did

be sure to check out the link can see righthere i’m blender babe tarashaun if you guys haveany other blendoffs that you’d like to see please let us know in the comments or feelfree to reach out on social media or contact us on our website and i’m blender babe caitlin make sure tosubscribe to our youtube channel and go ahead and like this video because welove you! and as always, happy blending!

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