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hi everybody! my name is matt and i’m thesocial media manager here at volusion. welcome to two minute tuesdays, where we give youtwo minutes of ecommerce advice to bolster your online the world of ecommerce, customer reviews are really important. in fact, 70% of onlinecustomers trust reviews from complete strangers, so that’s why it’s important for you tohave them on your site. with that in mind, here are my five steps to getting more onlinecustomer reviews. first off, you have to make sure that youhave a place for customers to leave their reviews, so you need to create a hub for themto do so. fortunately, if you’re a volusion customer, you can enable this on your productpages. it’s also a good idea to create an

article page that’s dedicated to customerreviews. secondly, you’ll want to proactively reachout to your super fans. your super fans are those who consistently buy from you and giveyou praise. to leverage these advocates, reach out to them through email, phone call or smokesignals. whatever it takes, if you simply ask them, they’ll probably do you the favorwithout question. thirdly, try incorporating requests for onlinereviews into your email campaigns. send out an email blast to your customers who purchaseda product in the last couple of days and link them back to that product page and ask themto leave a review. again it’s all about asking.fourthly, on top of email, you can also post

to social. so to further solicit product reviews,send out a tweet post a status with the request on your facebook page. again, it’s all aboutasking your customers to review your products in places where your customers final tip is more of a don’t. when asking for reviews, be very careful about offeringincentives. it might be tempting to offer cash or a 10% discount, but online reviewsare all about transparency. if people find out that bribes are being offered, this couldlead to a pr disaster and, even worse, a ruined brand reputation.hopefully these five steps to getting more customer reviews is a sure fire way to upyour reviews and get more sales. if you have any questions, we’re always happy to help.from me to you, happy selling!

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