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welcome to the best circus since the u.s. presidential campaign mcgregor is like: "oi, mayweather, smell my breath" "have some fucking garlic, i’ve had garlic" mayweather appears to withstand it now mayweather makes it rain money i don’t know if it’s real money, or monopoly money i hope he’s organised someone to pick it up after the event if it is in fact, real money oh, mcgregor could end up with a fucking paper cut, if he’s not careful!

oh there’s drake he says: "i’m gonna fight the winner" "i’ve decided here today that i will fucking fight the winner" and the canadians love the idea! they absolutely love it now it turns into a dance-off mcgregor says: "show me your moves" "show me the moves you do at the fucking club" mayweather is not drunk enough to hit the dance floor

oh dear, there’s some spanking finally mayweather says: "you have to stop eating garlic on these promo tours!" conor says: "no i fucking don’t" "stop it" "your breath fucking stinks" "you fucking stink" "oh, i fucking stink?" "fuck you!" "nah fuck you"

"fuck you" "fuck . you" "i have more money than you" then [darno] steps in he’s like: "i actually have more money than both of you" "so yeah, nah nah nah, fuck you" "oh fuck you" "i’ve got more money" "i’ve got more money!"

conor starts a dance-off again no one is participating in the dance-off you know what? even if this fight stinks, we’ll always have the promo tours ha ha! sensational [outro music]

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