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here’s a question. jessica rabbit…or holliwould? like, if you were a cartoon. don’t make this weird. i mean, it’s notlike […]

hey, hey, hey hello my friends sergio felixhere from and today i want to talk about the digital millionairebootcamp […]

metal gear solid v: ground zeroes okay, let’s be real here. you probably know exactly what i’m gonna say about […]

galactic arms race is a 2d space simfeaturing procedurally generated weapons. it’s a neat idea but it doesn’t reallydeliver. most […]

dropsy oozes charm like a horned up retardoozes genetic futility into the front of his sonic the hedgehog underoos by […]

apple today updated its macbook with the latestintel processors, improved graphics performance, faster flash storage and an additional hourof battery […]

hi everyone it’s been a month since i havethis laptop into them ready to let you know what think about […]

well, you got yourself a brand-new d500 but you want to use sigma lenses, you even have some of the […]

that better fuckin worki dont even want to get into how hard it was for me to see this movie. […]