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when i was little andwe used to move all the time i’d write these notes and iwould fold them up […]

hi it’s dan from eu, coming toyou as always from the heart of europe. and i’ve got a very […]

fawziah: i’m from new jersey; however my officeis located in new york city, so i commute into the city. i’m […]

recently, i had a chance to use a new camera from canon, the g7x mark ii and here is my […]

this video contains some light spoilers forthe novel bloodline. during the destruction of the hosnian systemby starkiller base in the […]

the 2d side scrolling platform genre continuesto live on in 2015. there are dozens of games being released and we’re […]

full english subtitles available on previous episode. today is my payday, what would you like me to bring you home? […]

– today i’m gonna put the red copper mug against the yeti tumbler. hello, you guys, and welcomeback to another […]

alright this may look like a cooking show, but it’s not. this is. we get a lot of questions about […]

the restyled headlights new grilladdress your fog lights on the 2015 honda cr-v we’re going to start to lookpretty familiar […]