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finding review articles using web ofscience review articles are a specific type ofjournal article most journal articles present originalresearch and focus on highly specific areas or topics review articles differ in that they generally do not present original research instead they provide a broad overview on a giventopic and evaluate, and often summarize previously published research this can be extremely useful forundergraduate assignments and for anyone

who needs to get up to speed on anunfamiliar topic quickly to access web of science from the libraryhome page click on databases a to z and enter web of science scroll down and click on the link to web of science from the web of science search page enter your search terms and click the search button the results page shows over thirty fivehundred hits for my search on stem cells and treatment

to limit to review articles use therefine results toolbar on the left under document types select the review box and click refine your results are now limited to twohundred sixty three review articles use the back to previous page link to getback to the full set of over thirty five hundred articles click on an article’s title to see the fullrecord including the abstract use the abstract to decide if you wantthe article

to obtain a copy of the article click onthe uc-elinks button either here or on the results page for help using you uc-elinks watch thefinding articles with web of science video if you conduct a search and there are noreview articles in your results try doing a broader search as a general guideline, if you search ona science-related topic and it generates a few hundred to a few thousand hitsthere will probably be useful review articles in your results

for additional help using web of science or for help finding review articles in other databases stop by any library reference desk oruse the ask for help button on the library home page

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