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>> justin lebarmy name is justin labar, i graduated in may of 2009, and my degree was in broadcasting with a focus in television, and probably a bigger focus in sports. now i am the multimedia producer and reporter for trib total media. when being a video guy in a print world, there’s a lot of collaboration in terms of ok let’s use the paper to promote the videos and promote the website. at point park i was involved with both the television and the radio. at first, it was just really the radio station, wppj. 0:00:43,0:00:53my heart and soul was really in television, i really wanted to break in on that. so, i got on a sports show with some upperclassmen that i became good friends with, it was called the pioneer sideline and it still is running today. i did 65 episodes up until the point i graduated. it was great because it started with myself and a crew of like six people. by the time i was done, i had about 20 to 25 people i interchanged that were all interested in either the on-camera end of it, the behind the scenes, directing end of it, the editing end of it, sound, etc. so it became a great platform for people to really build resume tapes or just build confidence. point park has a relationship with the pittsburgh tribune review that it does, andy conte, being the liaison between the two with the news service. we had a plan that we wanted to go cover the super bowl like every other working media. it turned out we got credentialed to go down to tampa and we did something like 22 videos in three days, i mean we worked. so we kept sending stuff to the trib website that the numbers showed people were checking back because they could see that we were hitting all angles of just this whole week of football in tampa. our numbers combined, our videos did like a third of the web traffic in

terms of video hits. what we did that weekend was very effective. and that kind of led to an internship, and it led to a job. again, having hands on experience and giving me that chance was, you know, i greatly appreciate it.

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