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in 1982, nasa launcheda time capsule into space containing examples our lifeand culture, in hopes of contactingextra-terrestrial life. unfortunately, the message was taken the wrong way. i believe that some alien life force sent down real-life video gamesto attack us. that makes senses. we’ve never faceda threat like this before.

we need video game expertise. these guys were championsback in ’82. sam brenner, pac-man world champion. what’s up? ludlow lamonsoff, master of centipede. also known as… your worst nightmare!

eddie plant, king of donkey kong. please find the patternand anticipate! i don’t know the patten! shoot for the head! you’re welcome. the only way to take down pac-manis with ghosts. you want ghosts? – these are your ghosts.- let’s hit it!

don’t tell anybody i killed a smurf. incoming! get out, he’s going to eat you! we got this.if we don’t, the world ends. we have to take the battle to them. donkey kong. the one game you suck at. may i introduce to youthe creator of pac-man. professor iwatani,what’re you doing?

i will talk to him.he’s my son! hello, my sweet little boy! look how big you’ve grown! it’s so sweet, so sweet. you’re good boy. somebody kill this stupid thing! subtitledtrailers.com

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