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hey everybody. i just finished week 3 andi am starting week 4 for the piyo test group. i am in the coach test group for thenew piyo dvd workout program, which is coming out in june. right now i am starting week4 that puts me 5 weeks away from finishing the program; i have finished 3 full weeksand we are currently 8 weeks away from the launch of the program from beach body, whichwill launch at our summit in june at las vegas. so, i am not sure about the exact datewhen they will launch it, but our summit starts on thursday around june 19th or so;you can look for it right around then. there’s a link on this video, in case you want toget involved in the groups or on the email lists that i have to make sure you know the exactday that it comes out. if you are really interested,

then you can watch my progress further inthe group, if you are not already in it. so, make sure you check out that link, it shouldbe at the bottom of this video so let’s talk about my progress, my results,and weight loss; what i like and dislike about the program like i do every week. first ofall weight loss; 1st week 3.2 pounds, 2nd week i lost another pound making it 4.2 pounds;today i am up to 7 pounds in total. so almost another 3 pounds that i lost this week, whichi am pretty happy with. 7 pounds in 3 weeks is not the quickest weight loss i have seen,but i did a little calculation today just to see that this week it felt like a prettygood ramp up overall and intensity; the overall program being just a little harder this week.i told to you guys in last couple of weeks

about not feeling like i am getting enoughworkouts out of it. partially maybe based on my background; the insanity, t25, triathlonall at the same time.. kind of thing. this week felt a little better in that area likethere are some more workouts going on (and stuff like that); and then i did in an averageof the amount of time i spend working out (this doesn’t include insanity classes thati teach twice a week, which i try to stay light on); but piyo workouts, which is 90%of my workouts right now. the average workout time is 26 min and 20sec. so some workouts are little longer and some workouts are little shorter, but theaverage for the week was 26 min and 20 sec per day. it’s how much i am working out andi have lost 7 pounds in 3 weeks. so i think

that’s pretty cool and i am pretty much happywith that. i am trying to follow this program as closeas possible; i am following the nutrition guide, i am following every workout that ican, though i have missed one workout on this weekend. instead of doing one of those workoutsthis weekend, my team and i had a t25 event at a park and i did a t25 work out there.i didn’t want to add piyo on top of that because i didn’t want to get extra results from extraworkout, so i’m trying to keep it pretty much at the same level as piyo. and for the mostpart, hitting every piyo workout and not doing any other stuff.okay, so hopefully i can get you the best view of the results that you can expect frompiyo, if you just do piyo. so, three weeks

7 pounds lost; i’m seeing more changes than7 pounds in my upper body. i can’t show you the pictures like i’ve told you before, buti feel like i’m seeing more changes in my upper body and how my clothes are fitting andthe pictures are showing that. 7 pounds is not a ton for a whole lot of a changes, buti can definitely see the changes. overall i’m happy with what’s going on. i like theprogram as it’s ramping up, and i’m actually a little scared about this week because it’sramping up even more. there’s a new workout this week, which is the longest one of allof them and i have a feeling it’s going to be quite the workout.so, that’s week 3. i hope you’ve enjoyed sticking with the progress and watching as i go throughthe program. feel free to invite your friends

so that they can come in the group too andwatch and see how i’m doing with the piyo dvd workout program before it launches injune. thanks everybody.

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