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hello patacoin’s friends, and welcome to a new episode. in today’s episode we have mission: impossible rogue nation. tom cruise! and the new cartoon network mini-series, over the garden wall. but first, mission: impossible. rogue nation is the fifth installment of the mission impossible saga. tom cruise plays agent ethan hunt, who must face the sindicate: a mythical organization of ex-spies who want to destroy the imf. everyone knows that movies such as die hard,

james bond and mission: impossible, are created to be blockbusters and distract you a bit. rogue nation achieves that, and a little more. tom cruise makes your jaw drop, i don’t understand how at 53 they still let him do his own stunts. the dude’s cwazy. he really risks his life to entertain us for a couple of hours. the famous plane scene that we see on trailers, is real. they met with the manufacturer of the plane to maximize security,

but if a plane had hit his face, *pow* but if a bird hits his face, *pow*, he’s dead. because of the strong winds at such speed, he had to use special contact lenses so he could keep his eyes open during the take. else, it would have looked like this. there’s another part where he has to submerge underwater. and while filming, tom held his breath for up to 6 minutes. it took 2 weeks to film the scene, all this without going out of character.

the locations are very attractive, and they match the action sequences perfectly. such as the opera in austria, london’s alleys, and a very exciting chase scene in morocco. rogue nation is the sequel that’s more similar to the original. it finds the perfect balance between action sequences and espionage mysteries. it’s quite interesting seeing who deceives who, and the plot twists take you by surprise.

nowadays, all movies feel it’s necessary to include jokes. rogue nation has some humor, but it’s rather related to the personality of the characters, and the troubles they get into. the cast is good in general, each one fulfills their role. no more, no less. if we highlight someone, that’d be rebecca ferguson, who plays ilsa faust: a character that appears in every action sequence, knows how to fight, and isn’t just a sexy decoration… like me. in fact, it’s the best developed character in the story,

and exposes the subject of the movie even better than the villain. in the third act, there’s around 20 minutes that break the action, and make the movie feel a little bit long. however, the ending is really surprising, in the best style of mission: impossible. and so, mission: impossible – rogue nation, gets 4 out of 5 patacoins. over the garden wall is a cartoon network mini-series. the story is about wirt and greg, two brothers that get lost ♪ in the woods in china..

a chinese girl got lost. ♪(that was a spanish folk song). that get lost in the woods, discovering a fantastical and strange world, sometimes even terrifying. the first thing to grab your attention is its particular graphical direction. there’s a kid with a frog and a pot on his head. socuuute. the animation is traditional, with an autumnal color palette. sometimes, you can even see the traces of landscapes on the paper. both the visual style and the story remind us of european folk tales,

such as hansel and gretel, and alice in wonderland. and from an american side, to the books of the wizard of oz, silly symphonies cartoons, betty boop, and other influences that give it an anachronistic feel. the musical scenes go along the same lines, but they’re not tiresome or boring. despite having an old musical style, the lyrics are modern and clever, so there’s a good balance. the english cast is amazing, with the participation of

elijah wood, christopher lloyd, john cleese, and tim curry. the mini-series consists of 10 episodes of 11 minutes each. at first, the story might not catch your attention, you could even say episodes 3 and 4 are just fillers. but if you watch the whole series, all the pieces of the puzzle fall into place. and the last 2 episodes show that there’s a perfect continuity. even details that seem silly have an important meaning. the humor can make you recall cartoons such as flapjack

and adventure time, because the director also worked in these series. but the purpose of the humor here isn’t just for kicks and laughs. instead, it’s an acid humor that makes you feel kinda uncomfortable, but in a nice way. this mini-series is worth seeing multiple times, cause there are plenty of details that are easy to miss. you can buy the dvd that will be released on september 8th, and binge-watch the series, as if it was a movie. because of its interesting story and aesthetics,

attention to details, and impeccable continuity, over the garden wall gets 4.5 out of 5 patacoinssssagh. and that’s it for today, don’t forget next week we’ll announce the winner of our first giveaway, so keep voting in instagram and keep uploading your pictures. also, don’t forget to subscribe to our youtube channel, and follow our social media. i’m estefanã­a varela, and this was patacoins!

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