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hey guys how are you doing today michaelobrien from new jersey. i am going to talk to you a littlebit about primerica and whether or not if there is a primerica scam. primerica is a legitimate company, there is no primerica scam. i was in primerica america lago over ten years ago. primerica was the first network marketing company i joined. so i know there is no primerica scam. primerica introducedme to the concept of network marketing and primerica is a legitimate company, not a scam. wikberg jordan

they are life insurance co so theypromote financial services so you have to go get your life insurance license possibly here c six if you know that forthe company and you find people and you teach them pelted become finance you teaching about their finances get term life insurance uh… papers term life insurance and so the whole lifeinsurance up there are legitimate topic

they are a good company like this and i was in it with my first network marketing companythat i didn’t know a lot of that network marketing icon that time as most american companies i was total l make a list nicholas uh… here on the market at hollywood marketing tone they areministry opportunity you have to see this can i get back

placards in my list and then at thatpoint i was lost when i go from here echoed through my door market concordinterested someone’s and i had nowhere to go there and life ninety five percent of people networkmarketing primerica i felt because i had nowhere else to go and i’m sorry i didn’t have much of anoutline that also knew where to go

so eventually i quit character uh… recently i’ve got into another network marketingcompany uh… i was out there that are hopingfor a while i’ve recently discovered another network marketing company but security environment is a better fitfor me there before uh… showing people flatassets and don’t want and for me it was a fit by the way itself was

at first yes it was going to lose for afew more market why i’ve also the german are there wayswith this company other training plan how to get leads hasleft an email marketing company that’s the main thing is leads without major debt in order feeling that gives us a greatopportunity candidates to build your list to make money

and that’s why you’re never parking so if you’re wearing gloves and you don’t want to be part of theninety five percent and he works for you or market don’t have a list anymore you’re lookingfor leads click click click on link eman leaks dot need not go brian dot com it will bring you to the next page thatwill show you a system

build up your list to do that at least so you can make the money so you don’thave to teaching me go if you were working saving habits easy safeway going after people through the internet and build up your list dilatory instead actually make somemoney

and i’ll be part of that ninety fivepercent so wanting to put on the envelope and onleads and learn get started now to the u_s_and only money building wealth

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