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hello, my name is david wolk. i’m one of thedirectors here at summer study programs. i’d like to thank you for attending our webinartoday. the purpose of this presentation is to give you a better understandingof what benefits students gain from our programs,what a typical day is like on our programs and how valuable this experience can beboth socially and academically. some of you may havealready requested a copy of our brochures, if you have not, please visitour website,, and complete the brochure request form. wewill send you your very own copy of our

exciting brochureswhich will be complete with curriculum guidelines, courses offeredweekend trips, and more. we hope you enjoy this presentation which will fullydescribe the outstanding offerings at our program in new york city where studentsreside and take classes at the beautiful and conveniently locatedfordham university lincoln center campus. after the presentationconcludes please feel free to contact us with any questionsyou may have. our directors are more than happy to discussour program offerings. summer study programs: the totalcollege experience for more than 20 years.

summer study has been running programs forhigh school students at various campuses.our mission is to offer an experience which is fun and excitingand provides a safe environment for our students. the value of our programs isunparalleled by any other program around. our programs offer a variety of courses tochoose from combined with trips and excursions, day andnight activities, weekend travel and fun. all of our programsat summer study have a tremendous diversity of students. lastyear alone our programs represented 42 u.s statesand 27 foreign countries. students from various

backgrounds, races, andethnicities join our programs to experience the wonderful cityin a controlled and supervised environment. one thing that most of ourparticipants have in common is that they’re coming to the programs completelyby themselves. if you don’t have a friend in mind to join our programwith you this summer don’t let that stop you from filling out anapplication. for some of our students this experience might be there very firsttime away from home. regardless of your past experiences or presentsituation our staff are extremely aware the necessitiesto make sure

everyone feel as comfortable as possible rightfrom the get-go. one question commonly asked regarding theadmissions process is who is eligible for the summer study nycprogram? any student currently in 9th, 10th,or11th grade is welcome to apply. an application must be sent to our centraloffice in new york or completed online. however, certain academiccriteria must be met in order to be accepted to the program.acceptance is based on how well you have been performing in high school.after submitting your application to our office you will then need to have yourhigh school guidance counselor send copies

of your year-end transcripts and/or reportcards in order to be approved by our admissions counselors.most students are accepted to our programs as long as they are performing well in highschool. admissions to our programs is on a rolling basis,that is first-come first-served. be sure to get your application in earlya wait list begins quickly. at the conclusion of our program all studentswill receive a certificate of completion for their permanenthigh school record. at summer study nyc we want all students to get the most at theirpre-college experience. students are able to select two enrichmentcourses this summer which are

generally designed to be high interestand low pressure.they are exciting dynamic and group oriented.oftentimes instructors choose to go outside of the traditional classroomenvironment to utilize the many resources that are available in the cityin order to enhance the learning process. this includes visits to nearby museumsand historical sites. each class meets daily for approximately oneand a half hours in the afternoon monday through friday. this way students areable to wake up to excursions immediately after breakfastand head to class after a break for lunch and enjoy their daywith another exciting outing in new york city.

at the end of the programeach student is given a letter grade for the course using the traditionala through f letter grading system, just like in of the more popular choices of classes is the princeton review sat and act prep class.for students completing any grade it’s a terrific idea to start preparing foryour sat and/or act while on our campus this summer.the princeton review provides a step-by-step classroom strategy which includespersonalized score reports for each student,supplemental practice materials, full-length diagnostic exams providingrealistic testing experiences,

and a personalized study plan coupled withclassroom instruction, an approach which is cutting edge and setsthem apart from all other sat providers. and best of all it is all toppedoff with the princeton review’s best score guarantee, which states that anystudent who attends all classes and completes all homework assignments, butdoes not improve their sat scores by at least 150 pointswill get their money back for the class. in additionstudents will receive unlimited access to the princeton review’ssat and act online courses, online wrap-up courses before your sat acttest date, and access to the princeton review’s

best fit college search programand the extensive admissions financial resources ofthe all at no extra charge… an exclusive feature of summer study in a college dorm is awesome. the concept of community style living is thatthere are always kids around, never a dull moment, and always plenty to do.students in our summer study nyc program will be living in a brand new, all suites residencehall on the lincoln center campus of fordhamn university.each 2 bedroom suite houses 4 students and providesall the comfort of home including indivudial beds, desks, dressers,chairs, and closets. as well as common living

room, private bathrooms,air-conditioning and wi-fi. in the spring students enrolled in our programswill answer a variety of questions on a roommate survery form.these answers will give us a better idea of your hobbies, interests, and habits. fromthere we make roommate matched based on compability from the form.our roommate matching process works great. almost everyone is quite happy with the roommateson day one. from a safety and security standpoint, allstaff who are a part of our program live on the same floor as our students andour office is also located in the residence. studentsare able to enjoy breakfast and

dinnerat the dining facility located directly on the university campus.scheduled meal times are posted outside the summer study office.for our residential students breakfast and dinner in the dining commonsis included daily. there are plenty of the choices available at mealtimeand special dietary concerns can be met.the important people who make oursummer program so successful are our staff. our staff advises are dedicatedto the program 24 hours a day dayseven days a week, which includes living in the dorms for the duration oftheir employment.

our staff can best be described as old enoughto be responsible yet young enough to be cool in the eyes ofour students. our staff members have many different responsibilities.besides being teachers our staff members are also mentors parentsbig brothers and sisters. but most importantly they are hired to providesafety and supervision of our students. as you cansee the typical day at summer study in nyc ispacked from start to end. breakfast at leisure means that students areable to wake up when they want to and head to the dining room for breakfast.while it is not required for students to attend

breakfastthe daily excursions at 10 a.m. are. our daily excursions are led by staffmembers to visit museums monuments and sites in the city.with the midday break for lunch during excursions students will end up back at campus at approximately2:30 in the afternoon to start the academic portion of their day.with classes finishing up around 6 p.m staff and students will head back to the diningroom for dinner. the excitement of summer study nyc continues at nightwith night activities every night of the program. curfewis every night at midnight where students and staff meet to review theupcoming activities and excursions

for the next day. this is a mandatory meetingfor all participants in our programs andensures that everyone is back in the dorms for the remainder of the night.getting around new york city is fairly simple. as a part of this summer tuition studentsreceieve an unlimited use metro card for the durationof the program. students travel in groups accompanied by staff.traveling through this city by subway or bus will allow students to familiarizethemselves with different streets, landmarks, and significant neighborhoods.students will be able to experience the city the same way that true new yorkers do.our daily excursions are would give students

the ability to capture theessence of the culture of the city. each excursionbegins around 10 am and is accompanied by one or more of our staffmembers. during each of our visits to museums, monuments, and landmarks we providestudents with a bit of history the site being seen. because we’re dealingwith teenagers the opportunity also exists for students toexplore the sights at their own pace as well.our excursions fall into three categories: cultural excursions.sightseeing excursions. and recreational excursions and there will be plenty of options daily.examples of our daily cultural

excursionsare visits to the museum of modern art, the guggenheim museum,the museum of natural history, checking out the architecture at various parts ofdowntown and uptown manhattan and more. examples of our sightseeing excursionsinclude visits to little italy and chinatown and a tour of the famous sights new york cityincluding the empire state building. rockefeller center,times square, the financial district, soho, greenwich village,and the upper east and upper west side of manhattan. finallysome of our are recreational outings include shopping on the famous madison and 5thavenue

or participating in a game of basketball,volleyball, tennis, or soccer at nearby central park.didn’t hear something you’ve always dreamt of doing in new york this summer?mention some of your ideas to our directors and staffand we’ll do our best to make your summer experience complete. after dinnereach night in the program students are able to enjoy awesome summerstudy evenings where something is planned every night ofthe program. concerts, dance clubs, outdoor and indoor movies, anew york city harbour cruise, bowling at chelsea piers,union square, times square, broadway, and

off-broadway showsare but some on the exciting night time activities. activities are all issupported by our staff advisers paid for by the new york city summer studyprograms and set up daily for students.with all classes in daily activities already mentioned taking place duringthe week, our weekends are filled with amazing and unique weekend summer study nyc participants will travel outsidemanhattan to visit coney island in brooklyn, where theywill relax on the beach and enjoy the boardwalk including rides, games,the new york aquarium,

and delicious hot dogs at the famous originalnathan’s hot dog stand. on another weekend trip summer study nyc willtake students to the bronx zoo and the new york botanical gardens. lastlywe will spend a full day on long island’s famous hamptons beach.after a few hours a fun in the sun students will have a choice of shoppingat the tremendous tanger outlets or the excitement splish splash new york’slargest water park. in addition to our three-and-a-half week residentialprogram summer study nyc also offers a three-weeknon residential program which includes the morning excursions,afternoon classes and an unlimited use metro

card for the duration of theprogram. as you can see our programs are filled withmany options. in order to be sure students are getting themost out of their experience we offer three lines of communication.our weekly calendars are slipped underneath student’s doorseach sunday night mapping out the daily excursions in night activities for theweek. our second line a communication to studentsis to post signs in the lobby at the dorm where our studentslive, so that they are able to see what the agenda is for the day.lastly instead of requiring students to read

we tell students at curfew meetings what activitiesare being offered the next day.this wrap-up meeting is not only a chance for us to communicate informationto our students, but also to find out if anyone is having problems,requires attention, and to be sure that everyone is safe. i’dlike to address some general questions which are often at the front that most parent’sminds. at summer study programs we believe that thesafety and well being of our studentsis paramount to any other aspect of the program. to thatend

students on our programs are required to followour program rules. we do not allow second chances and requireall students to respect our policies.curfew in our programs is at midnight every night and all students arerequired to be on time. from a financial point of view we are proudthat the value of our programs is unmatched by any other similar programaround. the all-inclusive tuition means that all students have the same experience.the preparedness gained for college through a summer study programis unparalleled. the enrollment process includes three easy steps.our application takes about five to ten minutes

to completeand can be done online directly, from our website, or via mail.step 2 would be to have the recommendation form completed by aschool teacher, counselor, dean, or principal. in additionto the completed recommendation form our summer study admissions committee willalso need to see the students most recent report card,high school transcripts, and a copy of a standardized tests score.the acceptance process is to be sure that students who are applying to the programare doing well academically.if you currently have mostly a’s, b’s,and even some scattered c’s in your high school

records, you will most likely be acceptedto the programs. lastly a packet of forms will be sent andemailed to all students enrolled in the spring,where they will be able to choose their classes, complete a roommate survey form,and their travel arrangements to make their summer complete.i hope you enjoyed hearing about summer study nyc.if you have not done so already, i encourage you to callor email us with your questions, you may contact us for more information on lineat summer via email address at or by phone1-800-666-2556 nationwide

or 631-424-1000 worldwideat this time our directors will be happy to answer all your questions!

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