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the prisoner via really start top tenparties cools and we have the list for you guys with obtained it yes we had bygoing out that high command coming in and that meant that in hooters who have done number two pensive didn’t write it down and i know itsounds like it enthought manhood but did not diverteduniversity of florida make sense it’s in florida although he was born in florida and the great florida state university

if it produces program number seveninteresting penn state university well that’s going to go to my general thesison why the top schools part is they are for what you won’t find usc u_c_l_a_ andwhy you or any of the schools in new york orl_a_ on this list but penn state is the normal part of pennsylvania nismosupplement alright ad number six is west virginiauniversity number five is the university ofcalifornia at santa barbara which makes sense unsurprising up higher but alas

yet that everybody in missile was thesouthern california knows serovar was a huge for school yeah and by the way it’sgorgeous and divided over in that’s right michael at university of iowa comes in at numberfour at the university of mississippi comesin at number three and that’s really interested in georgia which is numberone on the list last year they’ve fallen behind a little bit pick up the skaggs well you know they can’t fix it

well it’s a really strong activelyobviously i did not at all but is it that very optimistic ten days at end of the skin trade that wasout golfing day and it was highly here taking that’spositive we believe you know some reject thatkind of action so numerous please and then finally have a right now all higher university and that’s not all as they did so i auniversity higher university athens ohio yeah uh… remote part of our

throughout the whiskey here’s like these uh… use get place auniversity of iowa university west virginia ohio university ’cause there’snothing else to do if you were in iowa fifty and these people they put togethernice forties especially halloween parties that their halloween parties areworld world-renowned parallel ira i didn’t know that but now that will rentout have been you know what i read in iowa meanwhile in order to be totally thatgoes on and it was a big important just

to give you an example of um… all theissues they have apparently added in two thousand and the two thousand ten twothousand eleven school year there were more than twelve hundredcomplaints regarding alcohol that solves she expects but you knowwhat they were so serious underage drinking is a problem we’re not uh… i believe the dream you should beeighteen you tell me in go to get iraq afghanistan delays in arms blown off butyou can have a beer screw that probably that all but noquestion for you should be brought down

eighteen yes it is go to college and iget wasted that has made since the summer so now of course you should know overdoit do you know some people drink themselves at that i can tell you astupid that is just did run properly ok gigabit clean buzz going on you know this is enough for you to haveenough courage to do it on girls and everybody’s having for that’s myview of the final note the most sober university did you read no ok guess that was

are not harvard no religious university engineeringborrowing liberally no b_y_u_ welfare but are you surprised i shook my bad isuggest that right away

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