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hi, my name is jerad burkard.i am from castle rock, colorado. my wife discoveredproactive via facebook and brought it to me and said,“hey, i think we need to consider this.” and when we firstgot married, we had a lot of debt fromschool and credit cards, and we would tryeverything under the sun to try to help ourselves get out of debt, and, you know, whetherit was spreadsheets over here and spreadsheets over there,and trying this and trying that…

it was complicatedand it wasn’t easy, and when she showedme proactive, it was one of those things where it was like, that’s what i wish we always had. and the first time we used itwas in october of last year. we were at a taco place thatwe really like, and she was like, “should we try it?” and it waslike, “let’s give it a rip.” and so, when it worked, it was,like, kinda magic, you know? because we didn’t know whothe company was, we didn’t know…

we would say, “how does this card tie to an app? i don’t understand, i’ve never seen anything likethis before.” and it just worked. and now it has really helped us in our conversations about staying onthe same page. especially if you’re trying to doa credit card to earn points for this, and you’re trying to payyour bills over here, and all that sort of thing. just, where does all those little extra buckets go? we’ve tried the envelop thingin the past, and that’s not easy either.

if i have the envelops for the thingsshe needs to buy and she’s not with me, or vice versa, it makesit really complicated. so the proactive budget app has really been cool, and ryan and the team havebeen really responsive, as they’ve had bugs, likeany product that’s software does. they’ve been incrediblein their response time and saying, “yes, we’re working on that.” or, “oh, that’s a great idea,” or whatever the case may be. and they’re just a great team to work with, and i hope the best for them,and i hope you give it a try.

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