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[music] do not take her unless you want to fail and want your gpa destroyed. awful teacher, in all caps. really do not like this man. i like the guy, but absolutely hated the class. it was a lot of work.

class is overwhelming. she may seem scary at first, but her humor is very lightening once you get used to her. she will tell you as it is. she requires that you participate in class, but be careful. she will ask your opinion then proceed to tell you

how wrong you are. be careful about interpreting a poem in your own way on the test. he doesn’t like it if you don’t read it the same way he does. watch out. she thinks metaphors are examples of imagery. they are, in fact,

examples of imagery. she’s hard to understand with a thick italian accent, and she is sometimes all over the place when she teaches. he went on and on about iambic pentameter forever. oh, yes. and how can i forget? we had to learn about kevin spacey.

lots of thinking, it says— in a philosophy class. puts a lot of emphasis on public speaking. i believe this was a a public speaking class. the class was very confusing. his directions were very vague throughout the semester. be careful.

her directions suck. if you are taking this class as an easy way out like i did, you will regret it. this class is anything but easy. if you’re a guy, drop this class. run as fast as you can, like the gingerbread man. run, run, run!

don’t stop, because a big, fat f is gonna get you. i would not recommend. do not recommend to any sane person. so, i guess if you’re insane? absolutely beautiful professor, but don’t let her looks fool you. cross her, and she will make you pay. he looks like a lumberjack.

smoking hot and pretty funny. alright, i’ll take that. upside, she is totally hot. matt is a bombshell and a fabulous teacher. i just think that’s worth noting, that somebody said that. i had a lot more hair, though, when that was written.

i like her husband more. that’s my best one. good luck.

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