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this review video is for quickbooks: an in-depthaccounting program paired with an intuitive interface that helps individuals or businesseseasily manage their accounting and finances. this review video is provided by technologyadvice.we educate, advice, and connect buyers and sellers of business technology. quickbooks’ setup is easy. there’s a simplewizard with easy-to-follow steps to help you get started. quickbooks online automaticallyimports information from most financial institutions, so simply provide your login information and/oraccount information and quickbooks will do the rest. after logging in, you’ll arrive at yourhome screen: a quick, dashboard-style menu

that highlights important data like recentincome, expenses, profit and loss, and balances for your various accounts. on the left side of the page is the main navigationmenu, where you can access the various modules of the program like customer, vendor, andemployee information, transactions, reporting and tax information, and more. clicking on ‘customers’ gives you a customer-centricview, listing your customers’ contact information, open balances, and last actions. also, there’san easy, color-coded invoice status bar at the top of the screen, so you can quicklydrill-down and see which customers are overdue, the amount of any pending bids or estimates,and more.

some of the menu tabs can be expanded forquick access to sub-menus, like these more granular views of your transactions, includingbanking, sales, expenses, and even your full chart of accounts. some of the most-loved features include the‘reports’ and the ‘apps’ available to quickbooks users. the ‘reports’ tab gives you access toall sorts of pre-built reports about your business, including payroll summaries, balancesheets and profit and loss statements. it also allows you to build and save variouscustom reports, import data from various accounts, and even upload files from other intuit programs

the ‘apps’ tab lets you search throughhundreds of software tools designed to bolt-on or integrate with quickbooks to help you runyour business. although some apps are free, the most usefulapps do come at a cost, which is a limitation for quickbooks. pricing starts at under $10 per month forthe self-employed version, or up to nearly $300 per month for the platinum enterpriseversion, making quickbooks a quality solution for almost any situation or budget. in summary, quickbooks: comes in three versions, but quickbooks onlinewill be best for most users

offers hundreds of pre-built integrationswith popular software tools can manage all financial aspects of your businessincluding payroll, invoicing, tax reporting, and more. to find out more about quickbooks or otheraccounting software tools, check out our website, technologyadvice.com, where you can read reviews,filter your options, and get a free, custom software recommendation for your business.

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