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hi all. my name is eugene and today i will tell you about my mercedes g-wagen i apologize in advance for my english, it is not my native language, i just want to make a review in it initially i wasn’t planning on g-wagen i bought this car quite by accident, at a cheap price. i considered another brand of car. but in the end bought it. the g-wagen today is already a classic, he was, he is and he will be. forever ) i bought this car in the winter in december 2014 so, i have it for 2 years and have experience in it.

let’s see what we have under the hood of the car. here is a petrol engine volume of 3.2 liters, which has 210 horsepower, and 300 torque this is a six-cylinder engine, located in-line, with two camshafts and 24 valves. also this popular engine has the name 104 this millionth engine was also in the mercedes 140 s-class in 90th years. each car has its own interesting and unique fate and history and this g-wagen is not an exception this is one of those cars, a building which has already become a legend the german car is assembled in graz, austria

if we talk about german engineers and austrian collectors, do you think they made a masterpiece? in general, yes, but there are some mistakes. let’s look at them the most common problem of the g-wagen these years is the body. the body is the most important thing. rot begins first of all rear wings, top support of the shock absorber the door hinges are located outside, so they immediately rust the hatch is the same weak point can shed water and sometimes to fail not only in the g-wagen . other mercedes has the same problem

the frame of the windscreen is also very weak spot and will rust quickly unique brick aerodynamics collects on your glass all the flies and mosquitoes off the road more about the rusting of the body you can communicate with experienced painters who’ll tell you how three of four years g-wagen is already beginning to rot so the problem is not in the age the doors, well, they are flapping, i don’t know it may be so conceived, and large gaps are also planned i can put here a finger.

of course to compare this car with a typical sedan it’s impossible it is different type of cars this idea of g wagen to have such aerodynamics, such body, and it attracts by its originality let’s look inside in the car the interior of the car i have a light gray if you look closely, you might think it’s leather. but no, it’s just leatherette of the same color and material made door panels it’s all native factory. this salon is 21 years old and it looks like new in 90th, the germans were doing fine, they made high quality stuff for many years to come

let’s see what is in the configuration for volume 3.2 l nothing special here. the emphasis was on minimalism there is a heated windshield, heated seats, cruise control, parking sensors and only one airbag here is a joystick of electric mirrors automatic 4-gear transmission and transfer case with reduction gear here is a locking of differentials headlight range control is pneumatic here, not electric as usually we have in car and he also often breaks down and very expensive to repair

abs is also a common problem. this dashboard was produced from 1989 till 2001 year indeed, for 12 years it was impossible to make the minimum restyling? the same dashboard was installed in the mercedes s-class of 90th the glove compartment is minimal spacious pockets in the doors and boxes under the seats here it is not clear why in the basic configuration of the gwagen was webasto, in a petrol engine? i have never had the need for it. someone here should be warm?

i don’t think so in a diesel engine yes, webasto needed, especially at the winter with the start of the engine in my car everything is fine the mileage is nearly 300,000 km in summer and in the winter it starts with half of a turn here is no air condition, it was an option till 1997year it will be better here air condition than webasto this car reminds me a truck, primarily for its landing planting here is tall and straight, as if you are sitting on a tree branch

here it is impossible to decompose as in the formula 1 or just like in the light vehicle car and you must seat by this way every time, because driving does not relax you, constantly you need to steer because there are steering gearboxes which are less sensitive to turning the steering wheel, unlike the steering rack but they better keep the strikes in the pits and on off-road the same steering system is in trucks and buses it’s very funny to see a certain category of people who buy this car man older than 40

small hobbits and dwarfs i call them perhaps they are trying to compensate for their complexes by expensive car to show off the car in front of whores and bitches and those, especially farmers and gold diggers, can easily agree they know that it’s an expensive car. and they’re very greedy for money so, they are ready to go immediately to bed or suck in the car for profit that’s how they find each other about defective hobbits i’ve just already told you but there is another category of drivers who buy this car to use as a low-rider

i can’t understand them. this car has a very big clearance i’ is a king of off-road, of every hill they drive it as pensioners, who are afraid of every curb suspension designed for such loads, it makes no sense to pray it you can close the car in the garage and nothing happen with it and of course g-wagen is a gangsta car especially in the former countries of ussr ok. let’s sit down in the back as we can see here is very comfortable

i’m 190 cm hight and i have a lot of space around me so you can sit here comfortable for alone or with one or to b*tches and you still will be comfortable here bit it is not the limit if you move forward seats you have a lot of space here so, this is a place for your fun here is comfortable to relax with a whore but if your whore begins, starting to act up

she says she is humble, and well mannered princess, she would’t be strip here don’t trust her ! just drag her in the trunk. the trunk is also another very interesting place it is very spacious, and this is not the limit let me show you how it transforms so you can do so and so this is one option and this is not the limit

you can do so and so here we got a flat floor wich length is about 135 cm to be alone with a whore or spend the night at the hunting or fishing is a good option here are secret niche, where you can hide your pack of money and especially for gangsters something "something" 🙂 ok. jokes aside. let’s take a ride

if sum up the review for my opinion it is a perfect car but has some minuses but of course we have more pluses it’s specific car cause it was building for the army for war, tactical car but quality, something is perfect but some spots are not so good

and now let me show you some video from off-road mercedes-benz g-klass it the best ) if you like this video, tap like, subscribe on my channel and i’ll give you some more

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