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i’m debating whirlpool vs lg refrigerators.which do you think i should get? the compressor in the whirlpool has a tendencyto break. whirlpool fridges are energy efficient, andi don’t think mechanical failures account for that. what else goes wrong with them? whirlpool freezers regularly leak during thenightly defrost. the supposed labor savings of avoiding defrost is replaced by moppingthe floor each morning. or manually removing the ice before the nightlydefrost. but is it a major problem? in 2007, there was a lawsuit filed againstwhirlpool for problems with their side by side fridges. water leaked before either ruiningthe food or damaging the floor.

so now we know the brand has a history ofthis. but i’ve seen high marks for the whole whirlpool fridge lineup. consumer reports didn’t give whirlpool fridgesa bad rating during the initial review. however, consumer reports doesn’t track repair historyor service problems for appliances like they do cars. let’s assume i don’t get one with theautomatic defrost or don’t have a lot of ice buildup. what else should i know? the whirlpool temperature gauge often reporteda temperature that was too high, causing the freezer to run all the time.

so much for being an energy efficient does customer service handle it? there are reports whirlpool doesn’t replacedefective parts, and the odds of this go up if it is a second service call. so i need to go with an lg fridge. hold your horses. lg does not stand for let’sgo buy it. what’s wrong with lg? whirlpool has plentyof problems. as many problems as whirlpool has, lg hasseveral times as many. i wonder if that’s why they are so cheap. lg may make decent household electronics,but those skills certainly don’t carry over

to their fridges. the things don’t evenlast as long as their warranty. doesn’t lg have a warranty shorter thanaverage? i don’t remember that fact per se. but everyoneelse has the decency to make a fridge that won’t fall apart until the warranty is over.

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