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it’s an old-school steakhouse in’s the ultimate big night out. it’s a place out-of-towners will never forget,and it’s a spot that, safe to say, the filet mignon has been kissed by the gods.let’s hang out at hal’s. hey, what’s going on?how are you man? chad anderson, the guy cooking up the bestfilet in the world.i appreciate that. this is where it all happens.well said.’ve been feeding men and women around atlanta for many, many years.tell me what you got cooking up right now.

right now i’m working on a bone-in ribeye,and i’m going to do a sea bass for you guys. oh, that sea bass.yeah, they love it. absolutely.and that great sauce. got a little lobster sauce on the plateand a little fried potato on top. all right, where do you want me?well, these guys are getting ready for service, so how about i do these couple of dishesand i’ll meet you out in the back room. all right, talk to me, boys.a big night at hal’s, what does a big night at hal’s mean?what do you love about hal’s? big steak, good drink, good’s the best steak in atlanta.

we eat here probably three times a month.this is our third year at hal’s. we come every year for the medtrade show.we have a hal’s virgin with us tonight. it’s his first year.and we’ve raved about it to him, so we know that hal’s isn’t going to what makes — why do you keep coming back to hal’s?why do you come here? the best steakhouse i’ve ever been’s phenomenal. now, you’re from new orleans, it’s the beststeakhouse you’ve ever been to.why? it edges out dickie brennan’s steakhousein a photo finish.

what makes it great?the steaks are tremendous. the appetizers, the seafoods are wonderful.the cocktails are cold. the staff is’s just — it’s a great place to eat dinner. what did you order tonight?cowboy bone-in ribeye. this is our signature’s called the hal’s ribeye. so it’s got this spinalis, or also known asthe fat that’s normally around the outer rim of thesteak has been trimmed off so it’s a little morelean. we call it the cowgirl because it’s somethingthat a lady could still order and not be overwhelmed

with a huge steak with a lot of’s become our second biggest-selling steak behind the center-cut filet.butter here, salted butter, i’m going to put that righton the meat like that and then a little bit on the plate.all right, order up, hal’s ribeye, medium rare. what makes hal’s an institution for atlanta?it’s just a great bar. the atmosphere is great.the steaks are great. the sea bass is great.tell me what you love about the sea bass. the flavor is great, like you could get the steak and you could

getthe sea bass, a little surf and turf. what we got here is a little bitof sautã©ed spinach. we go down the plate a nice piece of fish right here. on top like that.i’m going to go ahead and put tomato scallion lobster broth.we’re going to garnish the plate. then we got our sauce here.nice chunks of lobster in there. and then we’ll just garnish it with some shoestringcrab potatoes.just a little bit on top like this. there’s our sea bass.

>> i just like going out to a place whereyou can tow up with your buddies, have a good time, eat somegood food.the atmosphere is good. >> i always know it’s going to be a fun night.i know i’m always going to talk about it after thefact. >> it’s a good cannot [inaudible]. >> old-school service.what do you expect? like, people who know what they’re doing. >> it’s’s the same every time.

you know what you’re going to get and everybody’sgoing to be, like, you got people from out of town, you comein, you know that it’s going to be a good experience andthey’re going to be impressed. >> easy to see why all the regulars keep comingback. great food, great service, and an infectiousvibe. next up, i talk with the man behind the name,hal himself. >> why do i love hal’s so much?you got to talk to hal of hal’s.

talk about the way you want to run a restaurant.what’s your whole theory about what makes a greatrestaurant, how you want to take care of people. >> a great restaurant is when you eat a dishand you enjoy it and you get a craving and a week,two weeks, three weeks, i don’t care if it’s ahamburger, a filet, fried chicken, when you get a cravingto go back, that’s a great restaurant. >> what about hal, seeing hal when you walkin all the time?

>> it’s great.he gives you a table. he checks on you, make sure you’re havinga great dinner. >> how many years hal’s been open now? >> yesterday was 22 years. >> tell me how you keep that thing going. >> we keep working hard.we keep — as i say, we’re the pickiest people thatcome in this restaurant. we care more about what goes on the tablethan the people

sitting at the table. >> it’s always going to be a great filet,it’s always going to be great sides, it’s always goingto be these — you mind if i have it? >> go right ahead.enjoy yourself. it’s not like you haven’t been here before.enjoy it. >> how great is it to walk in and see hal? >> amazing. >> tell me what that means.what does it mean to be an institution?

>> it’s classic, the piano, the can still smoke a cigar. >> it’s like the frank sinatra of atlanta. >> what do you love about hal’s? >> i like the steak.i’m a filet mignon kind of guy and they make itperfect. >> tell me what you ordered. >> i haven’t ordered yet, but i know there’sa 12-ounce filet mignon in my future. >> pretty simple plate up, little bit moreof this

drawn butter.order up, center-cut filet, medium rare. >> we’re very fortunate.we probably have the most regular repeat local clientele of any restaurant in atlanta. >> atlanta restaurant scene is up and coming,but hal’s is consistent.hal’s is really [inaudible] got a lot of great newrestaurants, but hal’s is always my go-to. >> it’s one of those restaurants that youalways come back to.there’s so many great restaurants, but you go trythem and then you come back to hal’s because

it’s alwaysthere.

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