Revenant Review

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leo did not get raped by a fucking bear idon’t know why people are saying that goes on a little bit longer than it isin the trailer which is good i enjoyed our no point that i think he was gonnaribery was weird that they’re really good movie true story is a good storythat should be told told beautifully wherever they were shooting i think it’sa candidate somewhere it was beautiful landscape to use the water snowbeautiful and it was filmed also director he did a great job seeking anembarrassing earlier in the movie myself waiting for their bare seen happen tothem like that so much a trailer and i was extremely excited when it was longerthe short clip shown but the movie is a

really really slow pace days is a goodpace is just soooo leo he might go ask your first there was very littledialogue he didn’t talk much acting his face dreams by burak from now on i’m assumingthat’s what it looks like this movie was the direction was great but thedirection the scenes when the cameras grade up close and so many things youcan see their breath on the camera or lens it’s foggy another thing about therebirth of horse definite courses done think i can count burger thinking maybefive this guy he was at the spring 2012 and so that are here either actuallyafterwards allen stanford because like i

said before i have a deja movie and igive it a four-point really good movie and i think everyone should go see youthink like the video light video you like me then like me comment let me know subscribe if youwant here also hear people get us would top his case skews checking our original scripts

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