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hi everyone, this is anna. this is my second month review with naturaful. unfortunately i have to start with the bad news which is, in this month i had to go to a small business trip that i accidentally did not use it for two days. as you can see, there is still al ittle bit left which is sad but no worries. i tried to apply it with a little bit more cream and let it absorb a little while in the morning to kind of make up for the two days that i had lost. so this is going to be a really short video because there were not really much things that actually have changed. they still have firmness and it hasn’t actually increased in size as i did measure myself. myself. i don’t think it’s actually started to increase but i do feel, when you lie down lie down and your breasts, usually if youalready have small ones if you lay down usually

kind of flat and not tight, does not look like breasts at all. now what i realized is when i lay down on my back my breasts does not, actually has structure to it. so feels like there is something on my breasts, not just flat. so that’s the only good thing i’ve realized in my second month but i am still really positive. i know i still have four months with this naturaful cream so i will definitely let you guys know in my third month. thanks guys!

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