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shane mcmahon gets a summerslam match, jindermahal’s no. 1 contender revealed. and all aboard the chad gable train, becauseit’s a non-stop service to over town. ‘over’s a good thing. like, over with the crowd. not as in finished. it’s a confusing piece of wrestling verbiage. i’m oli davis, and this is the 1st august2017 edition of smackdown live…in about 4 minutes. aj styles beat kevin owensrather than opening on an in-ring segment

to set up a big match, daniel bryan and shanemcmahon did their jobs before the show actually started for once – meaning this episode couldkick off with aj styles vs kevin owens for the united states championship. i’m pretty sure aj is champion going intothis match, although that could’ve changed several times in the last few days. tell me if you’ve heard this one before:the two were having a pretty good match until the finish, which was almost exactly the sameas their battleground encounter. at least this ref bump actually played intosomething. when aj rolled up owens, the just-hit-in-the-faceofficial didn’t see ko’s shoulder up.

owens rightly flipped out backstage, so mcmahongave him yet another rematch at summerslam. but this time there’s going to be a difference- shane will be the special guest referee, which could possibly lead to a mcmahon/owensmatch later down the line. the usos promothe usos came out and cut a typically great promo. fashion peaksafter a week off, the latest fashion files skit was back to its best – parodying davidlynch’s trippy 90s tv series twin peaks. in tyler breeze’s dream sequence, fandangotalked in reverse, and the ascension poured honey on a piece of wood.

leading to tyler’s fantastic lines: “nowonder this show got cancelled the first time” and “enough with the metaphors!” breeze awoke from his nightmare, suddenlyconvinced he knows who kidnapped fandango. to be continued… aiden english beat sami zaynafter two and a half minutes of aiden english singing, he rolled up sami zayn in just underthree. then the kanellises…the kanellisi…thekanellisiu-mike and maria came out to say they love it when sami loses. smackdown’s undercard is currently the wrestlingversion of purgatory.

naomi & becky lynch beat natalya & carmellasummerslam opponents naomi and natalya clashed within the confines of a tag match, meaningthere was a handy money in the bank briefcase winner to take the fall. not only did carmella tap to naomi’s submission,she was also the recipient of a wicked skidding slap from the champion. rusev beat chad gablethis is how you get someone over in defeat – losing competitive, brave showings againstestablished stars. chad gable has lost to aj styles, kevin owensand now rusev, but in those matches, he’s steadily connecting with the crowd – far morethan the rushed push of his former american

alpha tag partner on raw. rusev talked about wanting competition afterwards,which brought out randy orton from outta…the entrance ramp, actually. one rko later and it looks like we have our22nd summerslam match pencilled in. one which orton most definitely isn’t losing,considering he’s now done the job in the last four pay-per-views. welcome back, rusev! shinsuke nakamura beat john cenashinsuke nakamura vs john cena was touted as a dream match all night long by the announcers.

and they’re not wrong. if you told me just several years ago cenawould be facing nakamura in a no. 1 contenders match for jinder mahal’s wwe title at summerslam,i would’ve said, ‘you’re dreaming. seriously, this is an intervention. you’ve taken all the drugs ever and me andyour sister are worried about your health.’ despite only a one-week build, the match itselfwas terrific. the opening taunts of ‘you can’t see me’,‘yes i can’ made for excellent character work; nakamura getting the armbar off a five-knuckleshuffle received a great pop; and shinsuke didn’t just kick out of one aa – becauseeveryone does that these days – he took two

and reversed a third, turning it into a brutal-lookingexploder suplex, dropping cena right on his head. one kinshasa later, and shinsuke’s the no.1 contender. full credit to cena here. he put nakamura over really strong, and, inso doing, elevated him to another level of stardom. the dolph ziggler, kevin owens and baron corbinfeuds are now just prologue to nakamura’s real main event status. the only problem now is…who’s going tobe the more evil foreigner – shinsuke or jinder!?

corbin attacked nakamura after smackdown wentoff the air, exclusively on the wwe network, where cena made the save – possibly startinga john vs baron feud. so that was this week’s smackdown live inabout 4 minutes, here’s the usual ratings recap from top to bottom: smackdamn, smacktastic,smack bang in the middle, ellsworthy and raw’s third hour. i’ll reveal my score very shortly, but first,vote in the poll above my head to give it your own rating. i’ll announce the results in tomorrow’swrestletalk news. this wasn’t a perfect episode of smackdown,with the us title feud having yet another

screwy finish, the undercard being horriblyunderdeveloped and shortchanging cena and nakamura with a one-week build. but their actual match was fantastic, andhas hopefully positioned shinsuke where he always should’ve been. add to that a great showing by chad gableand a very funny fashion files skit, and… this week’s smackdown is smacktastic. meanwhile, brock lesnar has threatened toleave wwe on raw! and how did the summerslam poster potentiallyspoil nakamura’s win? click the videos to the left to learn more,press subscribe and support wrestletalk on

patreon. i’ve been oli davis and that was wrestling.

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