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angelo has been the driving force behind beautyand the bistro which is a community based initiative to purchase a digital mammographymachine with biopsy attachment for joseph brant hospital. our goal was to achieve $450,000over 3 years with zero cost so every penny went to the machine and we achieved that goal.it’s in operation at the hospital now. he gives over and over of his time, his efforthis expertise, his leadership, goods to various community organizations and events to helpthem achieve their goals. he never says no, he never asks for anything in return, hisleadership is evident in everything he does, he’s just made burlington a great place.maibritt works with the north burlington community dinners because she likes to work together,it’s a collaboration of churches and community

organizations and she sees the effect andthe impact that it has in the community. she plans a dinner not knowing how many will come.what foods she’ll have and who will be coming to help. she’s done that twice a month nowfor 3 years. she has a real heart for burlington and for people. so she sees the effect ofthe dinners on those who come. many of them are or have been under resources but othersare just lonely and discouraged and sees them in developing friendships and connectionsover the good food and they get accepted encouraged and i just think they’re influenced to a betterlife. ron joined our board of directors july 2014and on august 4, burlington received a 191 mm of rain in less than 4 hours which wasreally categorized as our 100 year storm.

and on august the 10th, shortly after ronjoined our board, i called ron to ask him to chair in a volunteer manor the disasterrelief committee efforts. not only from a fundraising perspective but supporting thedisaster relief application to the province for the 2 to 1 matching and then to help uson all the recovery efforts. typical to ron he came on with guns a blazing, fully enthusiasticand made everyone feel great about helping and was just the world’s greatest leader ina time of challenge which is worthy of this award for sure. ron dedicated over 700 hoursof volunteer time to support the flood relief efforts and as jeff said, his leadership andhis, i think mobilization he himself freely caused a movement to happen in the city andto support flood victims in great need at

a time that was quite shocking for entirecommunity so, there are often silver linings in disasters and devastation and ron is andwas definitely a silver lining.

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