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looking for lake louise accommodations? johnson canyon resort is situated in the centreof a nature wonderland just a short drive from lake louise and banff. the resort includes 36 cozy 1 and 2 bedroomcabins. our mountain getaway is located just stepsfrom a world class hiking trail suitable for adventurers of every age. the trail starts right at the base of johnsoncanyon resort leading hikers across many catwalks, over top of fresh mountain rivers and streamsleading you to discover 7 different waterfalls, some up to 100 feet high.

hike out to find mineral rich ink pots. pools that are a magnificent emerald greencolour. experience the clearest, cleanest waters you’llever see! stop to admire the plentiful wild life, bears,elk, deer. when you’re back, let the johnston canyonresort take care of you. relax on the porch and enjoy the quiet solitudeof your own private cabin where you can cook your own meals. or order dinner at our restaurant. relax by the fire and enjoy a woodland view.

nature in all it’s glory is here! located just 25 minutes from banff. and just as close to world famous lake louise. this is a rare experience, not to be missed. book now! as a special offer, receive a $50 food creditwhen you book 2 nights or $25 for 1 night.

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