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we’ll have to check it out with charlie and gayle. obviously it is starting to rain now in the city west side of manhattan. we’ve seen a little rain longer in staten island. light rain and 59. winds variable at 3. numbers

around the area. we talked about clouds regulating the numbers. we have a five degree spread from 55 to 60. that’s it. the numbers close together because of the clouds. yesterday wasn’t a bad day.

it was below normal as far as the temperatures go. all of my new friends in new jersey, as the country club there, played the blue course, $12. 68 was the high in farmingdale. 69 in islip. 56 in belmar.

the secret is out. 64 was the high in newberg. yesterday in the city, missed it by that much. 69. we’ll try to get you to 70 today. newark hit 70 yesterday. look at teterboro was 72.

it was delightful in teaneck yesterday, too. 70 is below normal. 93 and 39, your extremes of day. nowhere near the records. sun is up at 5:316789 won’t see it. there is a hint of sun for

parts of the area during the course of the afternoon but right now it is rain into suffolk county. a break for parts of nassau. more rain through queen and light rain into brooklyn. in staten island, you’ll see another batch filling in.

you have the duelling lows. there is a low there kicking in some wave action. so coastal flooding, a possibility later. here comes the next low and that is thursday morning with the possibility of heavier rain.

a break later today, rain returns overnight. it is even wetter tomorrow. cooler, too, and then friday, left over showers. it is about a 40% chance of showers on friday. it is the big blast off at sea side heights.

we’ll be there but we might be dodging a few drops friday. it is better saturday, saturday really is your pick day of the weekend and then you have a

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