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i’ll give my first impression on the vr-park,which is a controller made specifically for vr, although it can be used with anything that has bluetooth and supports human interface devices. it comes in a very inconspicuous box.i paid it €8 from amazon. the box looks a bit… i won’t say used, but…not brilliant, anyway. it shows a white device buti actually ordered the black version and there is a black version insidewithin a plastic wrapper. this is it. it doesn’t have any branding,just shows the certification marks, although this wasn’t shown on the amazon page.

there is a switch to use it with ios, forsome reason. there are two buttons,which look like buttons from more expensive controllers but these just click, they don’t really have the feel of more expensive controllers, but i guess it’s okay for this price. the main controller is actually analog, likeit looks. the device works with two aaa battery.it does not recharge them, so you’d be well advised to use rechargeablebatteries and a charger of your own,which you can also buy on amazon;

amazon batteries are themselves pretty good:they are re-branded eneloops, which are known to be some of the bestrechargeable batteries around. the box comes with a small leaflet in chineseand english. the english version is in the typical translatedchinese, but it gives an idea. it doesn’t tell you how to pair it with yourphone, but that’s actually because it’s very easy:you have to turn on the controller, which is done with a soft button;you will see an led lighting up. i’ve actually already paired my phone, buti’ll redo it just to show.

you can go to bluetooth, here.vr-park would show up as "available device" if it weren’t already paired. i believe it’s now connecting,because this is blinking and it’s not normally blinking. maybe i have to press something… oh, i had to select this although it was alreadypaired. now it said "connected" and it’s no longerblinking. and in fact now it shows the expected notificationabout a new keyboard, although this isn’t a keyboard,but it’s still a human interface device so it’s recognized as a keyboard by the androidos.

okay, so… this device is nice enough tohold in your hands, it’s pretty small, my hands aren’t very bigthemselves so it may look bigger than it is for someoneelse’s hands. it is not exceedingly ergonomic,but i can hold it comfortably enough and while you probably can’t see it,the plastic is a nice rubberized plastic which feels very nice in your hands. these buttons are easy enough to pressalthough they aren’t hugely high quality, they might break after a bit of usage,but i’d say for the price this is okay. there are several buttons,but aside from the power button

and these four buttons,this one is just sort of a shift key, although it has a confusingly drawn "at" character.you use it with other keys to determine the modein which you’re going to use the controller. there is a music mode, which basically controlsthe volume… and, with some players, whether you’re asking it to play or stop. now you can see these two keys control thevolume. you can use it in game mode, which is basically,the analog controller can be used as a digital controller. you can use it in the – whoops!you can use it in vr mode (now stop!). vr mode is similar to game modebut i’m not actually yet sure of the differences.

you can also use it in mouse mode with thed button, and in this case,as soon as you start moving the controller an arrow key (sic) shows up:this way you can actually see it’s analog because you can move it slower or faster. not a huge change but it’s noticeable. let’s start a game so we can verify it workswith games. for instance this virtual reality game whichis pretty nice, fractal combat. it’s not in virtual reality mode this way.it’s just in normal game mode.

but you can see it reacts to gyros. so let’s try putting this in game mode,which is shift and b. when you change the mode the led flashes. and… no, i don’t want to "go"… you can see the analog controller can be usedthis way as a digital one, although i’m not entirelysure which direction it’s being used… okay.so it’s being… it’s working horizontally this way. ah, i guess game mode means that it’s being used horizontally, while i bet vr mode, which is shift and c,means that i’ll have to use it vertically.

and that’s correct. let’s go back… no. see… i can move horizontally while holdingthe controller vertically, or, in game mode, shift and b,i can hold the controller horizontally and still move it,move the selection the same way as before. alternatively, i can shift and d,and this way there is a mouse arrow, and i can use these two buttons to…one button makes the arrow disappear, which is useful for vr, the bottom button,while the top button selects, which is obviously the most useful thing.

i don’t believe there is a back button,although let’s try… this changes the volume still… nope, doesn’t seem to be a back button, at least not in mouse mode. but maybe there is in game mode.so let’s try these two again… the ones to be used with your index finger…nope, this still selects as before. so let’s try a, b, c… no,apparently b started the game. last possibility is d…last possibility is dying, actually, in the game. hmm… let’s try vr mode then,if there is a way in this one!

maybe in vr mode the b button does it."do you really want to quit?" so, yeah, it seems to do it,but let’s say i don’t want to quit for now. i’d use the top button to say "no", butin this case the top button doesn’t work! so, yeah, it all depends a bit…in this case, vr mode, you have to press the c button.it all depends a bit on which mode you’re in. it’s said, not in the manual but at some…page i’ve read on the internet, that you can use the a key to bring up yourvr apps. so maybe let’s try that; let’s quit. now i’ll say "yes" with c.

okay, this is the launcher.i’ll try pressing a… but nothing happens in particular.let’s go back to the other launcher. a again… nope…i think this is a bit of a made-up thing, or perhaps works with some particular appor driver. with this i selected the application i had…selected. the shift key itself doesn’t seem to do anything. well… it’s a bit of a waste of keys, because…these two don’t seem to do anything much in vr mode,you have to use this key, which is conveniently placed,

but these ones might have also been useful. anyway, in conclusion, it’s okay. it’s anokay item, which costs so little you can’t really complainabout much. the manual is pretty minimal butyou don’t really need to know so much. it says, it claims the continuous game timeis between 40 and 120 hours so it is perfectlypossible you can use this without rechargeable batteries,it’s just something i recommend for things using pentile batteries in general. there are some faq but honestly they’re…not perfectly understandable,

so i’d mostly ignore them. these is the size, so,the size is precisely 118x33x42 mm, if you want to check out how big this is inreal life. the name is vr-park, and that’s how you sawit pairs in your phone, but you can find this under several othernames if you look on amazon and other places.for example you can find it with the virtoba brand: it is actually printed here, at least in the amazon image virtoba makes various vr devices,makes or re-brands rather.

okay, that’s all.remember to turn off your device; actually don’t,i think you just have to unpair it from your phone let’s see if…yep, it’s still paired. so… maybe you have to keep it pressed.it blinks so it’s doing something… but i still have it apparently connected. well, nevermind. okay, that’s all!

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