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you know what is the greatest thing in theworld. monotony. i love nothing more than to wake up every morning without having toworry about alternatives during my day. this is exactly how i like my videogames, don’tgive me something new just give me something exactly the same and i as a humble consumerwont feel threatened. of course by now i hope you realise i am being sarcastic but justto clarify, im being sarcastic. a videogame series that has been deemed guiltyof monotony in the past few years is dynasty warriors if you haven’t been living under a rock thenchances are you have at least heard of the dynasty warriors franchise published by koeithat have a new game out pretty much every

year, the most recent addition being dynastywarrior 8. this time around it appears management atomega force have pulled out the whip, deciding that sitting around picking their noses anddebating on which costume design looks cooler is not the way forward, instead creating newand interesting content may actually be the saving grace to the fall in sales figuresover the years. so what is actually new?the first big addition to the game is a massive change in the story mode. now instead of selectinga singular character to play as through the entire timeline in the story, you select ahero at the beginning of each battle depending on weather they were present or not. to methis is a fantastic addition to the series

as it teaches the gamer a little more aboutthe history of china. ‘but jimi’ i here you fret ‘we don’t wantto learn things whilst playing a videogame, that’s what books are for.’ and to this ican relate. history and myself get on like a house on fire, filled with a litter of puppys.however the history of feudal china is a very interesting one shrouded in myths that thegame explores more than factual events. so think of it as a mythological story. complimenting this is the way the game showswhat each faction is doing in between the playable campaigns, allowing you to understandthe bigger picture of the battles. although this is were i have a major problem, whenthe game has an opening cut scene that looks

like this, in battle cut scenes that are likethis, and yet in between the battles when you want to know the outcome of your strugglesyou are greeted with this…. there is not even a narrator telling you whathad happened after the battles. in this small gap between fights i wantedto rest my eyes as i realised i hadn’t blinked for half an hour due to an intense and mesmerisingmontage of bright flashing lights that … just … look… grooooovy. sorry about that trailed off again; the gamedoes look nicer than previous titles, more vibrant and with a higher contrast. howeverit still suffers from the same problems such as a disappearing soldiers and a drop in framerate as the game renders hundreds of enemies

in your field of vision though these aren’tgame breaking faults as long as your kill count steadily increases and your combos stringtogether nicely you wont care that several guards disappear when there are dozens moreto replace him. another new edition to the game is the ambitionmode, were in you are attempting to start up a new city in order to gain favour fromthe emperor of the land. to do this you set out on skirmish style missions to gain recoursesextra allies and fame to grow your city with more shops and the like. this i found to belike a more violent version of animal crossing were instead of finding bugs i would slaya couple hundred peasants and show dominance over their generals who would 9 times outof 10 grovel to become my student. which seems

like a good idea but felt very slow to progress. in battle the game has added an affinity systemwhich is essential rock paper scissors with weapons. this seams like a good idea howeveryou see from a distance which affinity the enemy wields and your able to switch betweenyour two equipped affinities to see if you can have the upper hand in battle. what’s that lu bu mightiest warrior in theland, you have scissors. well allow me to put away my pitiful paper and use my bash your face in. now i am the most powerful warrior in all the lands and you must bowto my superior might! replay ability in the game is pretty high,you have 3 main factions to play as and a

jin faction which is set later in the timeline,your also able to play through special campaigns such as hu low gate from the side of the oppositionwhich is really fun. also during each level you have additionalobjectives during missions that open up characters and missions including secret hypotheticalpaths. the hypothetical path is a continuation ofthe storyline as if everything turned out to be from a fairy tale. right at the momentof despair your friendly warriors show up and save the day and eventually the idealsof your commander come to fruition. this game is definitely a one to buy, theprice tag may seem steep but with a potential 30hours plus playability it is has fun gameplay especially in split screen

or online multiplayer and the amount of timeyou can spend fixed to the screen gets ridiculous. i honestly played the game for days straitand had the be forcibly removed from my seated position in order to enjoy some vitamim-dlike some kind of extravert.

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