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hi my name’s alex lane and today i’m goingto be talking about the online website now this beautifully designed website looksfantastic at first glance, but unfortunately it’s developing a very poor reputation. now the online store specializes in both men’sand women’s clothing and at first glance they look like fantastic clothes for a very cheapprice but you need to be careful. see rosewholesale.comadvertises on both google and facebook, but that doesn’t automatically make them agood website. if you look at the review website site jabber,rose has three stars. but this is always something to look out for,because if you look carefully you’ll notice

that half of those reviews are 1-starsand the other half are 4 to 5 star ratings. now there’s always evidence to suggest, ifyou look carefully, that half of those ratings are actually fake reviews. usually done by the store themselves. there’s also been a lot of people writing very angry comments due to their products arriving too late, or in some case not atall. now some users have written reviews sayingthat their products were almost unusable due to the highly poor quality of the material. scam advisor rates as ahigh risk website with a very low trust rating.

now keep in mind that this is just our opinion,but we ‘would not’ suggest that you buy anything from remember when buying online to always checkout the website at and site jabber to see what other people have to sayabout the shop. or if you want to avoid this problem completelythen check out i’m alex lane just simply shop

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