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hey, guys. this is going to be a review of shadowhunters season 2 episode 4 "day of wrath", which was an incredible episode. i feel like i have so much to say. it was just such a well-done episode. i really, really loved the scenes with alec and clary. i really like what they’re doing with their relationship so far and how its developing, and i’m looking forward

to seeing where that goes in the future as well. i just really love the dynamics between the two of them. the malec scene was also adorable even though it was short. they manage to be super adorable every single time they interact, and i love the idea of alec having been able to hear magnus and know that he was with him. we finally got

a scene with magnus and raphael together, which is something i have wanted to since season 1. i was not at all disappointed. because even though i was hoping to get a scene with magnus and raphael both in it, i wasn’t expecting it to be as intense, i guess for lack of a better word, as what we got in this episode. the

first episode where we’ve seen them interact at all and we have magnus talking about how raphael is essentially his son. i also love how, while there was conflict created by camille, like, it wasn’t tearing magnus and alec’s relationship apart. i mean that was a really small thing that camille kind of tried to do, but magnus is even like,

"don’t drag alec into this." and alec isn’t like the problem or whatever. he chooses raphael over camille, and alec isn’t even involved in that conflict. i really liked that conflict more than i liked what went down with camille in the books. what’s really interesting to me though is not only magnus talking about raphael

being like his son but talking about how all of the downworlders that he takes in are like his children, and now that he’s doing the same for simon, it makes me really interested in how magnus and simon’s relationship is going to be developed in the future because if they become close at all, it will be entirely different than their relationship in the

books, and i am all for that. i am super excited to see them becoming friends because i really, really want them to be close with each other. simon and magnus are two of my favorite characters, and they don’t interact that much in the books so any extra interaction the tv show wants to give us is okay with me. we also learn more about

magnus’s past in this episode. doing such a good job of making magnus a well-rounded character and sharing way more of his past than we get in the books. and i really, really love that as well. i love how we get to understand more of magnus’s and camille’s relationship. i know there’s a change in lighting and everything. probably a significant one for

the camera. i had some technology issues. the beginning of this video was filmed early in the morning, like right after i woke up, and it is now nighttime. anyway getting to learn about magnus and camille’s past and what’s happened between them is really important i think because without it you’re left really wondering why he

cares for her. because we haven’t seen anything even that remotely humanizes camille. she’s just been like a straight-up villain the entire time. so i really appreciate the show actually giving us something that helps explain why magnus loves her because it would probably be really hard to believe without that. there’s also some great

alec and izzy moments in this episode. i love when they have awesome sibling moments. i spent most of this episode really, really worried about someone dying because of all of the talk that had been going on in the fandom. i wasn’t worried about the main 7 characters, but pretty much everyone else– well, not everyone else–but there were a number of characters that i was

very worried about dying, and jocelyn very worried about dying and joseline considered. this is definitely the considered this is definitely the books. and it’s hard to put my feelings into words because i’m so… it’s so different from the books, and i don’t different from the books and i don’t with it. though i have an idea of why they did

it. that is just like really hard for me to process still. it’s only… i’m filming this process still it’s only something that’s it’s been roughly, as of right now yeah, it’s almost eight o’clock so been like almost 24 hours since i watched the episode. i feel like i’m still processing the fact that jocelyn’s dead.

i’m not against this story decision at all. just really really shocked about it. i think i get why they did it, and i think think i get why they did it and i think that it can be a good thing for the show expecting them to do. i feel like that’s expecting them to do i feel like that’s it was really shocking. next episode i really, really hope we get some nice

scenes between luke and clary and that they’re supporting each other and helping each other. i feel like it’s really helping each other feel like it’s really and are there for each other now. not that i’m happy jocelyn is dead but since that is what happened, i think that it’s really, really important for us to see luke and clary being there for each

other. i also really want to know what aldertree is gonna be like in the next episode. i feel like he had at least bit of a turnaround with jace after jace saved his life, and i’m wondering if this is going life and i’m wondering if this is going other characters more and like start to get other characters board like start to get the same. one last thing that as i was

the same one last thing that as i was to mention in my review and then i to mention my review and then i and forgot about it til right now. but the fact that clary saw her mom was dead, had like a moment of shock, and then went into like fight mode and needing to find the demon and kill the demon, and then only once the demon is dead she

immediately collapses and is distraught and stuff, i loved that. the idea of her like having i loved that the idea of her like having a moment of shock but then getting like an adrenaline rush needing to kill the demon, and then only once that adrenaline is gone actually feeling the loss of her mom was very, very well done

i think. and i really, really appreciate them doing that because it felt like such a realistic response to her mom’s death. this episode was definitely really, really intense and really well done. and that makes me super excited for the next episode. although i don’t know if excited is the right word because it’s probably going to be really

emotional and sad. and i will see you guys later. bye.

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