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what’s up my friends, this is coach bob with and today i’m giving shakeology reviewyou know a lot of people look around for this me asking questionsabout it i want to be my personal review not be a you know i was around originally for onemyself when i was not told about this product and everything that balances the budgetbacks i wanted to know has so many truly tried this thing anddid it actually work for them d duke shakeology review

so here’s a look at my story and and youknow it because this is a review only get my story because it can release thewhy i decided to give in on this pock first of all here it is and thereason i show it to you is who can actually do you use it i’m notone of those that do we view on something that didn’t usethat would be cheating chocolate now is my favorite and that’sreally the only one trillion through there’s a lot of different flavors somepeople love strawberry some people open up shakeology review on the topic got always have been alwayswill be

but welcome to my story way back okay remember who are the office numberconsular fitness shakeology review i hope she’s not long lives i i feelgreat but i’m taking you back in time sergei’s itback to the future delorean let’s go back four years ago infour years ago i decided to do p 90 acts and p 90 xi wonderful but the good guysthey see on the gym for but stubborn all stupid me i’m gonnachange my diet i didn’t want to mess around withelectronic crap i was one of the first play look ripped the next day

so i put it in the bank and um you know i used to be a huge mcdonnell’s beenokay gulf all the time and unfortunately in my first90 days the p90x2 really didn’t get that good results who they are you can see for yourself imean yeah made a slim down a little bit buthonestly after which team my 60-90 minutes a day over the coursein ninety days didn’t think i’d get a little bit betterresults than that socialism on oslo must read about it so i said youknow what it’s time to get serious

but then i realize more yeah but kingcake mcdonald’s because my shakeology review mcdonalds where monopoly is starting have you ever had a monopoly amcdonald’s like every time that came around i guess so fired up so excited because you know itto something about other and of course i never really wantanything except for like free food now if you watching this video and youwant something review of shakeology other mcdonalds monopoly any point andmore than just a stupid little happy or something like that a truly want the car

the million bucks or something i wantyour comment below what you say you know i i am one of those guys that want to maciive shakeology review sure nobody wins this thing it’s like amotion to get you to buy more things to upgrade your to the large size andeverything like that but anyway so we don’t know what’s sickabout it i found founder he did is so weird in mycar four years ago this is william patersonbut i found fruit the monopoly pieces is soridiculous

so you know how unfair love it but youknow what that wasn’t giving result i am so i decided to get back to stayone more time was running late i can can afford to make anything at home so i was on therussian and i went to ghana’s and i were just the basics i order number one whichis an egg mcmuffin the copy that comes along with it and iwere an extra hashbrown i wanna make an extra half-hour because you got two more birdies piecesfor the monopoly game so another game little do we know thatwe’re actually added calories on their

in order to win but whatever so i pulledup to the window the lady comes in articles on the window and she says hey you gotta be seven dollars in 56cents that guys is when it hit me because of throughout the entire ip ninety extraeverybody kept talking about young’s attorney she got to you know mythere is no way i am going to spend 129 dollars a monthon the spot that is steer so i’m not gonna do it and i may be my intercourse

has everything in the world as soon asyou hear about something or somebody who’s this is it is up toyou see it everywhere it’s like that new car everybody seemsto drive all of a sudden size of a god she got check out okayenough done this but that drive through windowhouse sitting there on a holy crap seven dollars and fifty six and prison a mcmuffin to hash browns and acopy its rediculous and national thinkingabout it for a second like waving symbian org of going to mcdonaldseveryday for breakfast

if i do by the 129 dollars up a monthfor shakeology actually comes at four dollars and 33cents and a 0 i was never implemented you know what on iversia so i or you think i should goover to my house and i’m you know i was a little hesitantbecause you know shakes never really taste period andthat’s a problem i healing a protein shake or something igot like i’m countries like greece and nasty life but no grandma speaker something likethat %uh taro shakeology review

i will be honest with you this stuff wasa little bit different and i don’t know why on but i will saythat i’m very impressed with the new like if you look at the ingredients andi i’m very impressed with what they put in here because it gets rid of a lot the supplementsupplements like vitamins and minerals that you can buy the whole store pillarjam-packed ended a shake so my okay cool and it tasted good what it is that good in 3d ice cubeseparatist stupidest up and i wasn’t milks i blended in up

and it tastes like a chocolate smoothiei was actually a little bit skeptical as a who is this just a scream mix is thisthe real deal so i gotta say i was out i enjoyed thetaste me personally now i am not a fan of the green beeri’ve tried greenberry i don’t like it some people do if that’syou awesome i know i don’t recommend it i recommendtop assist me i especially if you put in skippy peanut butter i produced a peanutbutter blown away

tasted like a reese’s peanut butter so that okay so then i certainly was not i’m shakeology yes even with the ip numberone doesn’t for fifty-five dollars a day still cheaper than the mcdonalds me onand so every day for breakfast i have this thing thisstuff started happening office on a server realize i had a little bit moreenergy to push through by p90x2 workouts embodied in aq my indigestion my acid reflux and thenthere’s things that were bothering me started to reduce i didn’t have thisflare ups anymore thanks to shakeology

and then i started realizing handanovicreviews for the crappy were like the pizza and the mcdonalds and things likethat i’m because honestly don’t like it alike inside the amount of activity that like go at a carnival and have thundercatcotton candy times a ice cream times are everything so i gota man is that a lot but this kinda hope this great and wedidn’t see them coming back so now i mean today you know back to thefuture here i’m there you know clean mind ii

very clean very healthy and i gotta saythis helped me get there i mean people can easily sayall shutouts going to be healthier when you’re struggling like i was andyou have those cravings for these backing foods me something then opposition leader tofor the past two years i’ve now religiously drinkers every single daysure 129 dollars a month sounds ridiculous iagree with you but when you divide up he said you knowwhat serve breakfast sediment starbucks in so doing this thisand this you have this thing called shakeology

may be going a banana throwing to beparticularly shakeology review mcaleese i’m still save money in thelong run and in the whole of the year you have food source into my stomach not ubuntu cap a mocha so that’s a sundaythink about and that’s the whole point how muchtechnology for you with you today to share my story and my review of whati thought about this thing and if its larger if you want to get sure i do have amonthly life it’s i don’t you forget it or not

but when i will tell you if you decideto get it i want to share your journey with me and your thoughts on what you thinkabout his ass icky i mean it comes with a 30 day money back guarantee be so if you don’t like it you can sendit back but if you like it i seriously suggest get this thing get on the autoship because they don’tdiscount the price and shipping and can only not have to stay one formore than one month the use of the discount on the shippingand rock and roll

so i mean something about but i hopethis is valuable for you hope in hell i hope my story kindahopin’ um some others eyes for those people who like me im shakeology you know ye you million has thesoutheast through you know the masters there have been fewbut you’re not sure how to adjust flip the switch go clean on you sup that’s it thanks a lot comment below gotquestions and most importantly 100 shakeology review awesome awesome day

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