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hey everybody! it’s dave here. i wanna take a few minutes and talk about one of my favorite products,which is shakeology. probably seen me blog about this quite a bit. and you know, this is an amazing product and i think if, you know, if you want more information there’s a link here, you can sort of get all the details abouteverything that’s in shakeology. you know, you’ve got pro-biotics, digestive enzymes, adaptogens, vitamins, minerals, fiber, protein…

really well-balanced meal, which is what ihave for breakfast every day. i’m having my green berry here today. it also comes in these handy little packets, which is great. and all that is nice and all that is good,but what i really wanna talk to you today was sort of the core values behind shakeology. shakeology is a product that was created andit took a long time to create, because every effort was made to make sure that the effectiveness of all these ingredientswas maintained. and that’s a difficult thing to do

when you’re talking about a product that’s got over 70 ingredients a lot of which are, you know, come from all different parts of the world and in order to put that into a powdered shakethat actually states good it’s gonna take a lot of time. and it’s easy to cut corners in doing that and a lot of other companies may have cut corners doing that. beach body didn’t. and, one of the things that was really amazinghappened to us at the beach body summit,

which was just last week, was that there were gonna announce a new flavorand the new flavor was vanilla. and everybody was really excited about this,we sort of heard these rumors that, you know there’s this new flavor coming and it’s gonnabe vanilla and everybody loves vanilla because you can mix just about anything with vanillaand it’s gonna taste good. the problem with vanilla is, as beach body found, is that if you’re gonna create a vanilla flavor,since that’s such a subtle flavor – vanilla, you have to, in order to make it taste good,you have to sort of add some chemicals to it and i’m not a chemist, so i can’t tell youexactly what those are,

but carl d. talked about it at summit. you have to add some chemicals to it thatreally were not in alignmente with the core values of the product. in other words, in order to make vanilla,shakeology would have had to be less pure than it is. and i felt what was really great about theannouncement that there were scrapping the idea of havinga vanilla flavor was that the reason they did it was becausethey weren’t willing to cut those corners, and they weren’t willing to deliver a productthat was anything less

than we already have with green berry andthe chocolate flavors, both of which are really good. vanilla would have been great, don’t get me wrong, and i was certainly a little disappointed to hear that we weren’t gonna have a vanilla product, but when i heard why and when i heard, youknow, isabel d. and carl d. speak about the philosophy behind shakeology and why shakeology is what it is… the fact that they weren’t willing to releasethe vanilla flavor made perfect sense.

so, if you’re not on shakeology already, contact me, happy to send you one of these little sample packs and, you know, learn more about it. and learn more about why the product was created. and that’s really, i think the amazing thingbehind the story, i mean… you know, it is a great nutritional product,i’ve been on it for a year now i never felt better. again, i have for breakfast every day, but when you dive deeper into the "why" behind it,

that’s really the amazing story, and so you know, a little bummed we don’t have vanilla, but happy to be drinking my green berry and knowthat there is nothing in here that is bad for me and that no corners werecut in the making of this product, so… there’s your shakeology tip for the day!

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