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hi i am j scott we are out here today with yamil sued and we’re doing a photo shoot gonna betesting the m & p 10 ar platform in 308 first thing we need to do is get this thing sighted in. we are going to using a laser light bore sighter today so let’s get started okay first they were gonna do before weput in the bore sight is we want to make sure that the gun is clearedso i’m gonna go ahead and open the action lock it back make surethere’s no magazine in the gun

action is clear [sliding of the action] alright now we’re ready to go ahead turnon the laser light so i have the laser light here it’s got alittle rotator switch i’m just gonna turn on and put up against my hand hereso i can see that the laser is indeed on. i’m gonna go ahead and reachforward here and side this into the end of the bore make sure it is seated properly and we’re good to go next thing i am going to do i am going set down here and get on the scope.

and then going to point down at our targethere that has the daylight laser reflector target already attached to it. alright now i’m gonna set down behind the gun. take a look through the through thescope were using a leupold mark ar today go ahead and get behindthe scope. and see where the laser is pointing on the target in relation to the cross hairs of the scope. ok i am going to get comfortable behind the gunhere make sure i have decent eye relief i can adjust the stock if i need to ok i have the cross hairs lined up on thecross hairs center of the target.

it looks like i am about a inch low with the with thelaser so i’ll go ahead and take my caps off my elevation adjustment and on thisscope if i rotate counter clockwise that’s gonna allow me tobring it up were only about 15-yard here. so i am going to need about…maybesix to eight clicks to go up an inch. that’s about eight clicks look through the scope

and i’m gonna go about another two clicksi am almost right in the cross hairs there. it’s a little bit left probably aboutthree quarters of an inch left so i will go ahead take off my windage and on this scope to move to the right iscounter clockwise.. so i need bring it to the right it’s little bit to the left. so i am gonna go let’s go 8 clicks on this one that is 8 clicks let’s see where we’re at well we are pretty much right there but i am gonna go up about another two clicks on myelevation just to try to get a perfected

now that looks really good alright now beforewe go ahead and put some live ammo through the gun we got to remember! take the laser bore sighter out of thebore before we put ammo down range don’t laught it does happen. ammo is expensive but the bore sighter it’s self is about 65 bucks so i am going to pop it out of the end of the barrel. make sure i turned it off so i don’twaste all my battery i am just going to point it

at my hand so i can see the laser and rotate the switch on the barrel nowwe’ve got it turned off we’ll go ahead and set it down in a safe place we’regoing to get ready now to start puting some live rounds down range alright we’re gonna head down range and put up a target that we can shoot at and take offthe laser reflector first thing i am going to do before letting anybody walkdown range double check make sure the gun gun is empty so chambers empty, locked back, actionopen

no magazine in the gun good to go. so let’s head down range so let’s go ahead and switch out the target. okay what we are gonna do is peel off thedaylight laser target get that out of the way peel of the back of my… got a redhead shoot and see here it’s gotfive different targets so we can work with so aaw we can work at a couple different distances we are all set let’s get back to the gun load up some ammo and see were we are at

alright we will be trying out a variety of ammo today. we got a little bit of everything aw will gonna go ahead and do the initial site in with little bit of black hills, we’ve also got some hornady tap remington and some asym even have a little bit of cor-bon back here we don’t have a ton of each one. as you know ammo, a little bit on the short side these days these guys usually do well for us… they supply us with a little bit of ammo to try out in the different gun tests that we do. so let’s goahead and get started will try some black hills i’m just gonna load up three roundsof it in my mag here.

make sure i put it in the rightdirection don’t be what don’t want to be one ofthose guys on camera that put them in backwards all right let’s get some hearingprotection on we’ll make sure my crew all has their hearing protection in personally i can’t really get behind along gun with my headphones on, so i always have to usethe in ear..ear protection alright so let’s go ahead and aw [bolt closing]

stick our mag in. i gotta, our target down there has five different targets i’m gonna go ahead and shoot for the upper left target with this round see where we’re at. again we are only at about 15 yards right now but this just gonna give us a rough ideaof where we are i’m gonna move out as we get the gun more refined in terms of sighting go ahead and put it on safe load a round in the chamber i am gonna to get behind the gun okay now one of the things i need to do here is because i but the mag in i have to raise up my rest a bit

so i can get up to that target we are right about there. go ahead and getbehind the target behind the gun ok we are going hot! guys [bang] ok that is the first round looks like we went about a inch to theright and just about a half inch low

could have been me could have been were we are sighted in. it’s hard to tell with just one round so we will go ahead and put another one okay we’re pretty much right on top of the the first round so that would appeared to be where werewe are sighted in with this particular ammo at the moment. it could be that different ammo is gonna shoot a little bit different point aim on the target aw let’s go ahead and shoot the third round out of this and see what kind of a group we get were we are at.

and we will go ahead and switch to a different ammo. shot on a different target and see were we are at there i think we’ll also start moving the target out a little ways let’s go ahead and take third shot and see were we are at here. alright once again. we will show you in just a second. but once again we are right on top of the other two rounds so i would say we are pretty well sighted in for this ammo on that target got a nice group going. we can adjust the sights for this ammo. but because we are going to shoot a bunch of other ones we are not going to change it right now until we see were a couple othertypes of ammo happen to be impacting ok so let me go head and clear the gun and we will go from there.

drop our mag, chamber is clear and action is locked open. go ahead and change to a different ammo and see where we are at. alright so we gone ahead and moved the target out a little ways aw about the full range of this bay on the range i am using a bushnell yardage pro 1000 herei just gonna go ahead and measured it so we know kinda yardage we are at so let me take a look here we are right at 80 yards so we’vegot 80 yards here. that’s good enough forwhat we’re doing today and it will gave us an idea

of what we got in terms of ammo and scope combination. alright what we are coming to do is load up three three rounds of the asym this is asym precision 308 winchester 168 grain barnes bullet and we will take 3 rounds this timewe’re gonna shoot to the upper right hand target and see where we’re at withthis if we need to make a little bit of adjustment we will. but really we are kinda looking for groups with the with to see what what roundgroups is the best

alright go ahead and warn my crew here thatwe’re about to go hot everybody got your ear protection on. [{map click] insert on mag so right now we have not found it on paper yet could have been me could be .. this particular ammo is still rising

it’s going to rising at a 100 yards we may be over so we are going to watch the burm impact here aw.. the other thing i am going to do is to shoot at the center of the target so we have a better chance of seeing it. because i am shooting at the upper right hand target so if it is close the edge we may be off because of that

so i am going to shoot to the center of the target hopefully we can locate it a little bit better alright third round going guys i am going for the center target [bang] there you go you are on the top of the top the left hand target

so you need to come down.. left about. six inches and down about 8 inches ok i was aiming at the center target my spotter has called i am 8 inches high and 6 inches to the right correct? correct

so want i am going to do again is..we are pretty close to a 100 yards so i am going to come down 16 clicks 16 clicks down and we need to come to the left 6 inches? yes so we are going to come 12 clicks to the left ok so..

what i am going to do i only had 3 rounds in there i am just going to go a head and put one more round in. of the asum i do not want to waste a lot of ammo i got a couple to go through here. i am going to go back to the.. the upper right hand target if we did that right we should be in that upper right hand quadrant this time

ok so i have one round in here. that makes this a zero to hero shot or it might be a zero go ahead and load it up. alright guys we are going to go hot safety off. going to send this down range. this is going to be the upper right hand target. ok alight we did pretty good that time

we made tose adjustments right now we are about, a half inch to the left and two inches low so that was pretty good i am not going to make any adjustments we have one round on that upper right hand target so i am gonna go ahead and shoot two more of the asym and we’ll see what the grouping iswe kinda od shooting for groups once you get a good group you can always

adjust your point of impact to bewhere you want to be on target but first thing is always to achieve a goodgroup [bolt locking] safety on alright guys make sure yougot your ear protection in let’s go again for two more rounds on that upper right-hand target i am taken advantage of the rest here so idon’t have to hold the gun up as much to get it on target ok evrybody ready?

ok we are sending number two it felt pretty good touching each other all right now we got two roundsbasically touching each other same spot so go ahead send the third one and see what kind of group we can achieve alright guys getting ready send number three okay next we are gonna go ahead with us someremington this is a aw 168 grain boat tail hollow point 308 obviously

let’s see where we are with that. okay this one i’m gonna go just goahead clockwise around the target we will go to the.. go for the lower right-hand target the guns on safe magazine in [bolt closing] chambered everybody got your hearing protection? all right we’re off safe

lower right hand target about an inch to the right elevation perfectelevation looks real good the impact was about an inch to theright in the center of that right hand target so we’re gonna go ahead send the secondround down and see what kind of group we can do. ok guys hearing protection sending second round a little bit lower but same windage how far apart?

aw..about a half an inch, an inch below alright i was about an inch low windage was good still a little bit to the right butagain we can always change the point of impact. let’s go a head and send the third one and see were we are at. it always helps to take the safety off other wise you will be pulling for here to ever. alright let’s go ahead and send the third round and see what kind of group we have. that one felt good right next to the other one

i would say not even a quarter of an inch to the left of the top one or the bottom one? aw.. the bottom one alright so we are.. about a quarter of an inch to the left of the second shot sounds like we got about aw.. about a one inch group down there. yep!

[opening and closing the bolt] op there we go alright that was the remington 168 grain boat tail. all right let’s go with the hornady tap this tactical applications this is a 155 grain a max tap urban this is basically wherehornady makes for aw.. aw enforcement sniper typeapplications so obviously we want a very up precise round in those type of situations

we got are three rounds of hornady tap loaded up let’s go ahead and see where it goes. we are going to move over to the aw.. the left hand lower target for this one. alright guys ear protection in chamber safety off notice also guys for a safety thing keep my finger off thattriggered at all times until i am actually sighted up and ready to fire so make sure you keepfinger out of the trigger guard until you re ready to go alright guys lower, lower right hand target

felt good you are an inch right..i mean inch left and an inch low ok about an inch to the left about inch to the left and about an inch low let’s go ahead and send the second-round see what kind of group we can do. your about two inches to the right elevation? elevation is exact

ok we had good elevation and a little two inches to the right. again that couldbe me we got a little breeze going here i do not think the breeze really gonna be messing it up it’s ethermore than likely me. let’s go ahead and send a third one and what kind of group we got. alright guys third one coming hot you are far right i felt that one i was about to call that one right so..

aw..that was me, definitely i felt it i drifted a little bit right let’s go ahead and send one more. and see if we can get a good off because that was definitely me. this is a factory trigger in this gun if you are going to get into competition wanting to get into some precise aw..shooting

i would definitely have a trigger.. job put on this one it’s not a bad trigger it does not creep to much it is a little bit heavy it does take a little time to get a nice trigger break and when you are shooting at distance you got a lot movement in your cross hairs and that kind of thing makes it more difficult so a little bit nicer trigger

it would a little easier to shoot. it is pretty decent for factory alright let’s try one more much better shot, that one i felt good about next to the first one yep we are right next to the first one definitely a lot better than my third one the third one i definitely pulled to the right ok got the action open magazine out.

ok that was the hornady tap let’s go ahead with the with our last one, here is a cor bon do you remember what grain this is that’s 168 ok this is 168 grain bullet this is by cor bon we have one open target left down there that is the center one so we will go ahead for the center of the target ok 168 grain

cor bon bullet we are gonna go for the center target safety off there we go it felt a little high left i am not sure were it impacted low left low left alright you are like an inch and inch

about an inch low left it felt left to me maybe a little high but.. let’s go ahead again send the second round [bang] that felt good next to it how close alright that was a good second round let’s try for a third one

about an inch to the right yeah that wasn’t as good a break but.. still a pretty good shot i think alright we are done shooting our ammo here we shot 5 different types of ammo i think we got some half way decent groups we are going to head down range and gap our target frame and bring it back in again no magzine in the gun chambers empty

action loaded back safety on we are going to head down range today we were out shooting the smith and wesson m & p 10 in 308 this is pretty much how you get it from the factory when you order it you gonna get an m4 adjustable buttstock carbine hand guard flash hider

we have added a warren tactical mount as well as a leupold mark ar scope on it this is 1.5 to 4 power this would be a perfect set up for 3 gun competition shooting heavy metal tac ops aw.. the trigger on it was aw.. it wasn’t bad

a little bit of a long heavy pull certainly for competition i would go a head and put a put a trigger in it. aw get some trigger wotk done on it but it wasn’t seriously an obstacle to getting some decent shots as you can see on the terget up here we were shooting some black hills

this is about 80 yards so a little shy of 100 yards but we certainly have a sub 1 inch group on that one this was a sighter that we had we were actually shooting at the center target we had to bring it down about 16 clicks all together and about a dozen clicks over to the left but once we got it sighted in this is aysm i through this one a little bit to the left

we shot a third shoot and brought back in so we are probably at about 1 to 1 and half inch group on that this was remington nice little group down here for the remington ok this down here was hornady tap ammo again this was me i through it a little bit i called that shot to the right

but we put another round down there and got a half way decent group again about an 1 and a half inch group down here the last one here was cor bon 168 grain cor bon pretty decent group one and a everything was was anything to one inch to one and a half and believe me a lot of that could account to me a little bit better trigger

probably would have had a little bit better break but all and all not a bad gun to shoot {music]

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