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– this very well may be the year of the silencer. call it a suppressor, or a can, or whatever, people want ’em and they’re getting ’em. and, paul, smith & wesson is into this in a big way, takingcare of your customers. – well, we are, i mean, one of the things that we know is we need to go silent. i mean, we need to get quiet. and so, that’s exactly what we did.

our latest introductionthis year is our 22 compact but we have the 22 compact that’s suppress-ready. – [tom] that’s nice. – [paul] it is. and as you can see, it comes with a threaded barrel and it also has a thread adapter on it so you can protect it.

but all you need to do is simply take it out of the box, take your suppressor, and screw it on. you know, for those folks who have purchased a 22 compact in the past, we made it easy for ’em, so we’re also selling an accessory kit that does the conversionfor them for 39 dollars. they can now make their empty compact suppress ready. – don’t even have to buy a new barrel?

– don’t have to buy a new barrel, it’s all set to go. and as you can see here, we also have our 45 and nine millimeters. full-sized guns that arereally suppress ready. and the thing about these things is they actually, they’re a two-barrel set. so they come with the standard barrel here, as you see. okay, so if you’re out justplinking, shooting, competition.

but when you really wantto get quiet about it, you just simply change out the barrel as you can see here. standard barrel is extended length, and it is threaded, okay? you take off the adapter and screw your suppressor on. and you’re ready to get quiet. – there you go. and, with these calibers, nine you can have

sub-sonic ammo available for nines. 45s are almost all sub-sonic. and then you can hunt around find you some standard velocity,i.e. sub-sonic for your 22 and you’re good to go. we recently had somebody tell us he was at a range and there were only like two people who weren’t shooting suppressors. i mean, that’s kinda where we’ve gotten to these days.

– [paul] well, and it’samazing and we see, state by state, every state passing the laws allowing to use the suppressors. and it’s only gonna be a matter of time, just like concealed carry, that it’s gonna be allowed across every state and it’s gonna become very popular, because you know what it does, is it eliminatesnoise pollution. – [tom] exactly. and just makes shooting more fun.

– it is, it is. – alright. suppressor ready guns from smith & wesson. (heavy guitar music) – shooting a suppressedpistol in any caliber is always fun. a suppressed 22 is probably the best training aide i could ever think of. how much fun is it when you can get rid of that loud bang and not have to wear hearing protection when you’re

working with a new shooter. if you’re not shooting a 22, and you want to shoot a nine, you can get different ammunition for it. you don’t have toshoot hyper-sonic ammo. you can actually buy sub-sonic ammo and it’ll sound just like a 22. that sounds cool, doesn’t it? suppressors are really getting popular and it’s nice to see smith & wesson

jumping on the bandwagon. getting a suppressor takes a little bit of work, but if you find somebody who knows how to get one, and help you get one, they’ll make it easy for ya. there is an addiction problem with suppressors. because once you get one, you will want another. – you know, the one thing you gotta do with any of the big caliber guns,

and we start talking about recoil. recoil is manageable. i don’t care how large you are, how big of a guy you are, how small of a frame person you are. i’ve seen 300-pound big gorilla guys not manage recoil, and i’ve seen 98-pound women manage recoil. and it’s all the mental aspect of how you approach it.

you know, if you go in there being afraid of it, you’re gonna flinch,and you’re gonna flinch in the wrong way. that recoil’s gonna seemgreater than what it really is. be confident in the gun you have, get a good, firm grip. focus on push-pull technique and a slow trigger squeeze. and you’re gonna be fine, okay?

don’t let the bark tear you away from that caliber.

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