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i just love them because they’re easy careand i think they’re gorgeous. found out about hostasdirect and so the lastfew years we’ve been ordering some really hard to hostas that you can’t find in anyother garden shops, we’ve been ordering them through hostasdirect.we usually start off with starters, or mature divisions and they’ve all done really well,and there really hardy too, i don’t think we’ve had any that have died. i don’t thinkso either, or that we’ve even thought of returning. yeah, i’ve had good luck with them, yeah.the coolest thing about the website is the search feature.first it’s the process of trying to find out what size do i want, what’s going to lookgood next to each other and then it’s easy

from there, you put it in the cart, pay it,your done. great information on the website. it was throughthe website, your website that i found out your not suppose to cut down all the flowers,which i’ve always done. it’s nice to narrow it down if you want aspecific size plant, or color or whatever so it’s great to use.oh it’s awesome, you have a great database so you can do searches, i try to use yourdatabase to identify some of the existing ones around here and it’s been kind of hitor miss on my part, but it’s really easy and fast. great search feature.i also like the pictures because you can see different pictures of that same hosta, witha variety of pictures you can get an idea

of what this is really going to look like.lot of good useful information, i have actually probably bought more from hostasdirect wheni use them as gifts for birthdays or christmas where i’ve done that for friends that likehostas. very easy, you’ve got the added benefit thatif you buy one hosta and then three or four or five years later your going to have multiplehostas. there always dividable, i think they’re great plants.that’s part of being a gardener too is to share not only information but your plantsas well. these customers have revealed just a few reason’swhy they and thousands of others have purchased plants from hostasdirect.we provide our customers with big savings

on quality disease free can purchase plants from our easy to use website that is full of information, or youcan visit out retail store that is located on rice street in st. paul, the exact locationfor that will be in the description down below. to learn more about our company visit hostasdirect.comwhere you will find information about our products, services, gardening tips and greatprices on great plants. thanks again for watching everybody and wewill see you again next week for our next video.bye

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