Sony Alpha A6000 Review

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transferring images using the standardimport features on both windows and mac platforms makes importing your images easy even if you’re not using sony’s picturemotion browser software let’s first discuss transfering yourimages using a windows platform making sure that the camera is switched to off connect it to your computer then switch the camera to on the autoplay dialogue box will appear from here

you can choose the import pictures option and follow the on-screen prompts to importyour images and movies to your computer now let’s transfer images from thecamera to a mac platform computer make sure the camera is powered off and connect it to the computer usingthe supplied usb cable go to your applications folder andopen image capture here you can choose the location wherethe images will be saved on your harddrive now you can choose which images you’d liketo import or you can click on the import all option

to import all images on the camera

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