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today i’m gonna show you top three best home theater systems number three when it comes to dedicated gaming sound can make all the difference whether it’s a nostalgic play with doom or today’s console gaming surround sound can take your gaming experience from just average to out-of-this-world and the logitech c920 vi surround sound

speaker system is our choice if you truly want a gaming experience that is immersive the only model on this list to receive thx 5.1 certification offers an all-in-one system that can connect up to six separate devices out of the box you’ll receive five compact satellite speakers and one 500 watt powered subwoofer hardly something to smirk at

when you consider how the z 9:06 is a compact system the front and rear satellite speakers are identical sporting a bland design with a mesh grille that offers more of a tech centric look then your more traditional dedicated television surround sound system however build quality is superb and while their overall design faces

them slightly upward when laid flat there are screw holes on the rear for wall mounting for more information and latest price check description below this video number two the pioneer sp pk 5 2 fs is one of the best sounding systems we’ve ever heard the 5.1 speaker system is highlighted by one bookshelf loudspeaker

one 100 watt powered subwoofer to floor-standing loudspeakers in one center channel speaker that’s five total pieces to help encapsulate the room of your choice with a top to bottom sound the system itself performs well above its pay grade with towers that have excellent bass and clear and bright treble we found that placing the tower

up front provided you can fit them next to an entertainment center had the best overall sound experience if you can’t fit them in the bookshelf speakers are more than capable of offering you a sound experience you’ll truly enjoy setup is easy and once broken in the sp pk 5 2 fs system will offer you sound unlike any you’ve ever heard at the

price the excellently developed bass will be one of the first things you notice and while the treble struggled with a little bit of harshness at times you won’t find anything better for the money the build quality is great the towers have superb bass and movie-watching has never sounded better for the price number 1 the ht as seven

seven zero zero offers you a superb audio experience with a full five point one point two channel dolby atmos experience five satellite speakers one subwoofer color-coded and pre-cut speaker cables in one sub woofer cable we have seven hdmi inputs and two hdmi outputs the system supports both tv and video projection without the need to

swap cables you’ll find wi-fi bluetooth and ethernet connectivity all standard and on tio’s free mobile app allows you to control the entire system from your phone or tablet want to stream music from your computer your cover thanks to the home network features for those looking at future proofing the onkyo supports multi-dimensional sound for the

latest for kasich ste hertz games and movies as well as hdcp 2.2 for future premium 4k releases from hollywood satellite broadcast and internet video streaming services in other words even if you don’t have a 4k ready tv today but norwalk eosin will be ready when you do setting up the es 7700 is a breeze with all pre-cut wires

matching the color on the receivers rear panel and even the color of the cables themselves for more information and latest price check description below this video thank you for watching this video please share this video and give me a thumbs up and also don’t forget to subscribe my channel

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