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hi there brian from av-express with a reviewfor you. today we are focusing on sound bar technology, specifically the sound appealth-3000 soundbar. we will show you why you will get better tv sound with the 2.1 soundbarwith wireless subwoofer. we did a side by side with a similarly priced samsung hwf 450soundbar. a lot a similar features, however some noticeable differences favor the sa-th3000. performance is the most important so we’re going to start there. power rating actuallyhas these things dead even, 280 watts of total power. a larger woofer though in the soundappeal six and a half inch driver is going to give you a little bit more base becauseit also employs a long throw high excursion driver, really getting that bass launchedout there over a larger period. a six-inch

driver is in the samsung unit. now the soundbars, they both actually have also six drivers in them, here’s the difference, inside theth-3000 they are individually amplified arrays on each side. a cutaway shows how heavy themagnets are. high-quality magnets and cones, also they are high excursion mid-range drivers.two-and-a-half inches, larger than the four mid-range drivers on the samsung, also thetweeters are larger too, one and a half inch on the 3000 and just three quarters of aninch on the samsung. two side tuned flared ports also enabled higher performance fromtheth-3000 sound bar. now usually not found in this price point the finely tuned dsp maxxbasschip offers stunning clean tight and deep bass at all listening levels combine thatwith the high excursion drivers we mentioned

and you hear a noticeable difference thatfavors the th-3000. here’s the spl test we conducted that confirmed it.see the bass level performance on the th 3000, versus the 450 shown here. this tells us low-endsounds are deeper, richer and a louder. we noticed the difference up 8db or decibel,which is equal to nearly three times louder. overall difference in performance was noticeableand significant. we can assure you are going to get delivered better tv sound with this2.1 soundbar with wireless subwoofer guaranteed. now the features on the sound appeal th 3000make a perfect match for any television where the samsung has some features that are onlyenabled with the recent model samsung smart tv. both of them do offer bluetooth technology,we think pretty important. it enables your

smart phone tablet itunes pandora youtube.both offer remote control capability adjusting source even independentssubwoofer volume and sound fields. mounting options, tripods as you seek included withthe sound appeal th-3000 and a wall mount is included as well. both offer differentinputs the 3000 offer several more. optical, digital coax, mini headphone connection, usb,also we’ve added rca, sd card and an fm radio all rarecombination for unit regardless a price. now the display we’ve heard from our customersis as vital feature as there is, being able to see what’s source, what your volume is,what time it is on the radio station the sound appeal uses an lcd which is actually threetimes larger than the samsung unit. the samsung

uses a scrolling led like i said one-thirdthe size. we found the th-3000 bluetooth sound bar with wireless subwoofer by soundappeal delivers top quality performance for movies and music and offers great functionalityand features for you listener. hear it for yourself, visit our website at av-express.comfor more information and customer reviews on this and other quality products or callus at 1-877-302-8397 like our facebook page and enter a frequent contest including a chanceto win your purchase price back. again this is brian from av-express, thanks fortuning in. to locate this product go to and in the search bar type in 100-1400.

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