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(ks) time now for eyewitness news call 12 for action. do you want to get away? well, before you do — you’ll want to hear this.

airlines are making plenty of money off of you from bag fees. problem solver susan hogan has the results of the latest government survey. it’s almost maddening to hear how much airlines are

banking off bags…your bags. we’re talking about a billion dollar profit. if you think you’re pay more to fly the bags you check in …you’re right. airlines made a whopping one-point-seven billion dollars on baggage fees in

just the first six months of the year … according to a government report. ((sot)) toby hughes, passenger "i think they’re ridiculous they’re just nickel and diming mark naman, marlboro, nj

"i think it’s a way to keep airfare low … get you to buy the ticket … and charge you on the back side." (need to cover)) statistics show delta made more money on baggage fees than any other airline,

followed up united, american and u-s airways. according to the us dept of transportation. and now, a new trend that may catch on…charging you to for carry ons..spirit airlines recently started charging a one hundred

dollar fee! on average, airlines charge 25 dollars for the first bag you check in… 35 for the second … and extra for oversized and overweight luggage. a consumer watchdog group says expect to fork

out more money as the holiday season approaches. george hobica, airline industry expert "if you’re looking to travel over the holidays it’s probably a good idea to

start searching now. and if you see a good fare jump on it. anything under four-hundred dollars on a long haul flight, under three-hundred dollars on a short haul flight."

airlines say years of dropping profits … mainly caused by a recession … leaves them with no other options. (sh) still … many passengers tell us … with all the new fees … they would rather take a

train or drive … than fly…but unfortunately, flying often times is their only choice. if you have a consumer problem you need help solving – contact our call 12 for action center monday thru thursday from

11 until 1 – our hotline is 228-1850. or if you’re interested in becoming a call 12 for action volunteer… you can call that same number on your screen. i’m problem solver susan hogan – eyewitness news.

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