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was all over an envelope. ross: some tense moments in downtown jackson on a beautiful thursday morning here at the federal building on capitol street. police tell us someone walked up to the back of the building, left a suspicious envelope, and

then walked away. that lead police to shut down the street while the bomb squad was called in to investigate what exactly what that suspicious was all package was all about. on what was that? that was the

investigtation that our bomb unit was out conducting so there were doing their job as far as investigating this suspicious package. so the explosion was the squad blowing up the package? that’s correct. the street was shut down for 2

hours while the bomb squad investigated it was a big inconvenience for folks coming to lunch at downtown restaurants. but police say it was better to be safe than sorry and not take on chances. ross adams 16 wapt

news. investigators are taking a closer look at surveillance video that could

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