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writers workshop questions are confusing… yea, i’m so confused i give up… i could just give you awesome concrete examples of writers workshop questions… ok, if you say so. lay them on me. well questions of “history” are timeline questions like “out of all the writing you’ve ever done, how is the piece you’re doing now, similar or different?” do you remember what questions of action are? ohhh i get it, i just compare my old pieces of writing with my new ones. questions of action simply ask writers about the kinds of things they are doing to support their writing lives, like “where have you taken your notebook lately to gather entries?” yep yep, that’s right. questions of process ask students about specific processes they use to take ideas through publication… …like, “what decisions did you make as you were drafting?” good thing our moms told us about writers workshops or our future selves would be confused…

yea, our moms are the best! but i think we still need some more practice…

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