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josh sadlier: this isedmunds editor, josh sadlier, and here’s an expert rundownof the 2017 hyundai santa fe. [music playing] josh sadlier: the santa fe isa mid-sized, 3-row crossover from hyundai, andnot to be confused with the santa fe sport,which is hyundai’s smaller, 2-row crossover. santa fe isn’t always in theconversation with class rivals, like the toyota highlanderand the ford explorer,

but we think it should be. it’s a nice lookingcar, as you can see. their standard v-6power, plenty of it from the 3.3 literunit under the hood. plenty of cargo space too. basically, acrossthe board, this is a competitive3-row crossover, it’s well worth considering. josh sadlier: weshould mention though,

that fuel economy isn’tthe santa fe’s strong suit. so, if you’re lookingto maximize that, you might end uplooking elsewhere. inside the santa fe,in the middle row, is plenty of room, kneeroom and head room. you can see that the seatbacks recline down there, with the lever on the side. in the third row,it’s a little cramped compared to some of thevehicles in this segment.

certainly not the most spaciousthird row, maybe better suited for kids than adults. up front, the santafe has an upscale look and feel to the dashboard. some of the controlsare a bit dated. it’s been around for afew years at this point, but we still considerit competitive, and that touchscreenis really easy to use. nice materials quality too.

the bottom linewith the santa fe, is that it gives you an upscaleexperience without the price. gets up and goes without v-6. certainly worth a test drivealongside more established competitors. for more edmundsexpert rundowns, click the link to subscribe.

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